Teaser: My Trip to Kelantan with Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu & Destination Malaysia

Hey peeps!
So I'm back today with something a little bit different than usual.
I haven't been on a trip like this for ages, so since I just started on Youtube a little while ago, I thought it would be kinda cool to vlog for the first time. But the end results came up like this. HAHA.. I surely need much more practise right? And so sorry if the video is a little bit too not to your taste, cause I didn't have much time for editing.

Anyways, let's go straight to the main purpose of this blogpost, shall we?
So since you guys have seen a little bit of what we did in Kelantan, I'm gonna break this Media Trip into 3 blog posts which I will elaborate more detailed on the topics. What are the topics?

1. Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu
Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu is located at the heart of Kota Bharu Kelantan where once it used to be a 3-star hotel but recently just upgraded to a 5-star hotel. So when I first walked into the main door I felt an instant taste of luxury. What is unique about Hotel Perdana that it is like an art gallery inside, where they display the artwork of the local Kelantanese around the hotel. This surely is a big thumbs up because not many people nowadays cherish art, especially local ones.

Well, I'll elaborate more in the next blogpost. So I'm just gonna show you some of the highlights for my next post.
So did you know that The Royal Family of Kelantan usually drops by here sometimes? Hotel Perdana has its own Royal Suite here. The Royal Suite is entirely massive with 2 bedrooms and a wide living room. I was stunned at how big the bathroom was. LOL! Still can't get over the bathroom, it's the size of my bedroom.
We were also shown a few other of their rooms with a similar feel of luxury.

Besides the interior design and the luxury feel here, they also provide great facilities. One of them is the pool. I wished I could have stayed longer and taken a dip in the pool. The pool is just stunning here, just look at us, every morning we'll have breakfast by the pool.

2. The Perdana Trail
What is the Perdana Trail? Well as explained in the video above, Perdana Trail is basically a walk through Kota Bharu Kelantan exploring the Museums, tourism hotspots and also their food. This programme is newly introduced by Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu as an initiative to promote Kelantan.

Those who participate in the Perdana Trail will be exploring the Museums and Art tourism hotspots around Kota Bharu were at the same time you will learn more about this state. This programme is so suitable for those who come to Kelantan for the first time but do not know where to go. The Perdana Trail not only will be focusing on the history and culture but also the foods you could find in Kota Bharu.

After the last stop of the day, I assure you that most of you will be really exhausted. So a ride back to the hotel on a beca really lifted my mood because it was my first time on a beca.

3. The Food in Kelantan
Imagining about the food again is making me drool. We had plenty of food throughout the three day stay in Kelantan. We didn't even have time to feel hungry because they kept serving us food. And not one single food that we tasted let us down.
We spent all of our mornings here at the Hotel's Cerana Coffee House which they served the best Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang I have ever tasted. What I really loved about this coffee house that they tend to serve more traditional dishes instead of western dishes, which is a really good move to promote our traditional dishes to tourists.

Not only were we served with food but we were also shown demos on how to prepare them. Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu also put in a lot of effort to introduce some of our traditional cakes which I even didn't know about until I went to Kelantan. Try asking yourself, did you ever know that a traditional cake called 'Tahi Itik' or 'Jala Mas' existed? Maybe some of you know, but if you have been living in KL all your life, there might be a possibility you wouldn't know right? Well, there are more traditional cakes that I just knew about and I'll be sharing it all with you guys soon.

And as I mentioned earlier, during the Perdana Trail we were brought to several places to eat, well I will be highlighting these places too. Have you ever imagined Teh Tarik Halia added with quail eggs? Whaattttttt?!!! Believe me, everyone else had the same shocking expression on their face. And I know most of you will say, ewwwww.. I was like that too until I had a sip. What happened next, just wait for the next blogpost. HAHA

So overall this is the overview of our Kelantan Trip. I seriously had so much fun! I learnt so much during this trip and I am becoming to love Kelantan. I for sure will comeback someday and have their Nasi Ulam Cikgu again. That Nasi Ulam keeps haunting me in my dreams. HAHA.. 
Anyways, down below is our family photo taken at Istana Batu Kelantan which is also one of the spots visited during the Perdana Trail. These bunch are the best ever, even though most of them are much older than me, but I couldn't feel much of the age gap difference except their height and mine of course. 


That's all for now peeps.
Wait for the upcoming blogposts every Friday onwards at 10am.
In the mean time

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