Food Review: Arabian Delights, Marhaba Restaurant Publika Ramadhan Menu

22 June 2015

Hey peeps!
So it is now Ramadan!! How is your Ramadan so far? Since its just hours away till iftar, why not I'll share with you peeps an idea where you could break your fast.

So sorry if I have been MIA lately, I was super duper busy with finals. Now only do I have time to write back and I have so much to share with you people.

Well, the last two weeks before puasa, I was invited to this Arabian Restaurant at Publika. This restaurant is quite famous actually with 2 other branches here in Malaysia.
The Marhaba Restaurant is just spectacular with it's interior design and service. 

With the stunning and elegant interior design, of course all of you will be expecting high class food prepared. Well, that is what they have here. I surely would not be responsible if your fasting now and reading this post cause the pictures will surely make you drool.
As tempting as they look like, the food prepared here will surely spoil your taste buds. You'll be wanting for more and more.

Mulawah + Saltah Fasah
This fresh baked Yameen Bread dipped with Chicken or Lamb sauce is one of the popular dishes here. Believe it or not, that one large bread you see, the six of us that sat one table managed to finish that together cause the sauce you see here taste like heaven! Even I'm starting to drool now. The last is just amazing, we couldn't stop eating this, I couldn't stop eating this. It surely does taste so good. I'll surely be coming back for this. 

As other Arab restaurants, they have the same menu like Chicken Mandi and Lamb Mandi and etc. There were so many that I forgot the names. LOL
But the taste is worth every penny.

Lamb Hanith
Grilled Fish
Grilled Prawns

And this is one of their famous drinks there, their Lemon Mint Mocktail. We all had orange juice for that night and all of us might have drank more of a jug of their orange juice. The orange juice served was pure orange, it tasted so good. I think I have never tasted an orange juice that refreshing before. 

So that's all peeps, I don't have much to say cause the food here is just remarkable. I can't stop thinking about the Yameen Bread dipped in Saltah Fasah! Okay my tummy is rumbling right now.
Anyways, if you guys are looking for a nice place to eat to open your fast with your family, I highly recommend this restaurant. The surrounding is nice and the food is great, you would not ever regret it.

Selamat berbuka then peeps!


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