Review: CLIO's Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow

27 July 2015

Name: Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow 
Price: RM95.30

Colour: Earth Brown/ Soft Brown/ Dark Brown
Brow Mascara 4.5g
Tattoo Pen 2.8g

How to use:
Line out your eyebrows before sleep with tattoo pen (Leave it to dry while sleep)
Wake up and retouch your brows with the brush

Availability: Muse By Watsons

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Good morning peeps! So remember my post months ago on attending CLIO's Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow Event? Well I received one to try out and I have used this product for several times now.
I have became a bit obsessed with eyebrow products lately since now I could draw acceptable brows. HAHA... (I will never want to remember how I used to draw my brows). Since that, I feel like I need to draw my brows even if I go out, if not I feel like my face isn't complete. No matter how lazy I am to wear makeup, I just feel like I need to get my brows done.
So CLIO's Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow is one of a kind, its the first 3 in 1 Kill Brow that can complete colouring, shaping, and tattoo all at once. 
I bet your wondering how this works, well because its called a tattoo its waterproof and acts like a  tattoo to your brows that creates a nice natural effect to it.

So this Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow actually has to sides of it, it has a tattoo pen and a brush at the bottom (Sorry I missed out a picture of the brush)
As seen I received the soft brown colour and I was kinda afraid that the colour wouldn't go so well on me since the colour seems rather light.

It turns out that the colour could suit me. So I know your guys are curious enough how to use this.
Since this product is called a tattoo it functions like a tattoo. Before you go to sleep at night after you have taken care our your night skincare routine, draw your preferred brow lines with the tattoo pen. The tattoo pen is in a very soft colour that it blends very well with the eyebrows to create a nice natural look. The reason why it is suppose to be applied overnight is to make sure the brown tint is dried up fully and it will create a nice flawless look even after cleansing.
So when you wake up, you wash your face, your brows will still look nice. But still you would have to touch up a bit with the brow brush, the brush contains the colour that you have picked and from there your brows would be perfect.
The Kill Brow tattoo effect could last up to 2-3 days with touch ups with the brush. It makes it easier for you on a busy morning cause you could already skip making your brows which usually takes a lot of time to do right?

I know Muslims would be wondering if they could use this product. Well this product does not contain forbidden ingredients in Islam so you could wear it, but be smart. You would know that for prayer you need a clean face without makeup on and this is a product that obviously sticks and waterproof. So I would suggest you using it during your period or if you really wanna use it, don't apply the tattoo pen overnight. I have tested it out, if you leave it to dry overnight, it would be heard to remove even with makeup remover, but if you apply it during the day and then retouch with the brush, it is much easier to remove for prayer purposes. Just don't leave it overnight.
So overall I'm pretty much loving this product but this product is like nail polish, no matter how I love it I surely can't use it everyday. It would be a really big hassle for Muslims, but I find it would be really easy for non-muslims to get ready in the morning. Because when you wake up, the tattoo pen creates a look that you were born with shaped eyebrows.

Till then peeps

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  1. Never heard of such product before..really interesting though


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