11 July 2015

These products were sent to me for review purposes

Name: Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks
Price: RM31.90 (1.4g)

Colours Available: White, Brown, Blue, Navy, Purple, Black
Availability: All Elianto Stores

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Good Morning peeps!
Its a Saturdayyyyy.. wohooo.. Sorry, I have been MIA recently, I had so many things to catch up too and things just got out of hand. Anyways today is a post I have been trying to share for some time now but never got the chance to share it, so yeah it has been resting in my draft for a long time.
Well, at least it gave me more time to try out these eye sticks. So Elianto has been such a sweet and gave me their newest eyeshadow sticks in the whole set. I received all the colours and the total of them are 6. Plus the pouch included was totally cute

Except white, all of the rest seems to consist of dark colours such as purple, blue, navy, black and brown.

But when swatched, the colours didn't turn out so dark after all. The navy one looks really pretty and I'm thinking of a techno look with these kinds of colours.
Elianto is bringing in the feel for a bolder dramatic look with these sticks. Making a dramatic look is so easy now with its Just Glide and Go option. With just one swatch, you could see the colours brightly from afar. 
These Elianto Sticks are German-made, wax-based formula which makes this eyeshadow long lasting. It is also very bendable, I just used my hands to blend this and the results are extraordinary.
These eyeshadow sticks also contain Jojoba Oil and are dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

Since sticks are almost similar to a pencil, Elianto has included with a sharpener at the end of the sticks. Just simply pull out the back of the coloured piece at your sticks and there you have a sharpener. This sharpener is really useful if you tend to use your sticks as an eyeliner.

As an eyeshadow
As an eyeliner
So sorry for the blurry pictures peeps, I still can't get the hang of focusing my camera when I zoom. Stil,l have a lot to learn. Anyways I have been using these eyeshadow sticks a lot lately and mostly as an eyeliner. These sticks work so great to add colour after applying eyeshadow. But using these sticks as eye shadows are also not bad. It creates really intense colour and adds more drama to the eyes. My favourite eyeshadow stick of all would be their white stick cause it creates a really nice base, and my favourite colour of all would be the brown one. 
The brown eyeshadow looks rather like gold than brown to me, it creates a nice smokey eye look but with a really intense feel to it. Using these sticks are super easy as well, with just one swatch and its enough. No need to do it layer by layer like we do with our powdered eye shadows,
Overall I find these sticks really helpful to create a dramatic look, especially for bigger. I also ain't that good yet with makeup but these sticks really helped a bit to achieve the look I want to create. Its surely easy, just glide and go

Till then peeps!


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