Review: Review: Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Disposable Color Contact Lenses & Horien Eye Secret Monthly 55% Monthly Soft Contact Lenses

28 July 2015

Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Colour Lens 
38% 3 months disposable color contact lens, 38 % water content, Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) color technology, 6 colors
3 Tone: Rome Grey, New York Green
2 Tone: Vancouver Pink, Berlin Gold, Kiev Blue, Madrid Grey 

Current Promotion:
Buy 1 get 1 free (38% 3 months disposable color contact lenses + 360ml Fresh solution) 

 Horien Eye Secret 55% Monthly Soft Contact Lenses 
HD Visual experience, Aspheric design and HD technology, Avoids visual aberration, Ensuring visual acuity even in dark environment. 

Horien Eye Secret is currently having a promotion of Buy 3 free 2 (Purchase 3 boxes of 55% Monthly soft clear contact lens you can enjoy another extra 1 box & 60ml solution for free); so check it out if you are interested.

Hey peeps, its a contact lens review today. So I know most of you out there are already familiar with Horien Eye Secret right? Well this Taiwanese contact lens company is now offering their newest product which is the very first 3 months disposable color contact lenses. With 6 very tempting colours, I bet contact lens lovers will start going crazy over the colours offered.

So below is a first impression video of me wearing all 6 colours of Horien Eye Secret 3 Months contact lenses. Enjoy!

Then peeps, which colour did you love the most? So I bet now you're dying for a more detailed info about these contact lenses after seeing the colours right? No worries, keep on reading below cause below is a more detailed review on all the contact lens I received from Horien Eye Secret. 

First, let's start off with  Horien Eye Secret 55% Monthly Soft Clear Contact Lenses.

As you could see, these monthly contact lenses are clear which each box comes in 3 pieces. So you would have to buy 2 boxes in order to get 3 pairs. These contacts are just suitable comfy for everyday wear and it doesn't dry my eyes. My eyes are always moist and comfortable even in an air conditioned room.

Next up will be the 38% 3 Months Disposable Color Contact Lenses that you have been waiting for.

I recieved all the colours from this range and I felt like fainting because of joy. LOL... I never owned coloured contact lenses that much at a time in my life before and since I own them now I am planning to go crazy with these colours and create more upcoming looks. Don't even mention how I'm going crazy with my eyes this raya. Hehe... (pictures will be uploaded in a new post soon)

These contact lenses are of 38 % water content with Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) color technology. They also meet beauty & health concern with proper Certificate recognition. So no worries your eyes are completely safe. What more affirming than knowing your coloured contact lenses are safe while you feel the world through your eyes, right?

As mentioned earlier, these contact lens has 6 colours with 4 2 tones and 2 3 tones to be excited for. Each colour contact lens has a Special Design (Sweetheart) which also create a big eyes effect with  BC: 8.7mm & DIA: 14.2mm. The 2 tones colours are Madrid Grey and Kiev Blue, and they also have  unique colours to offer which will make your jaw drop, its Berlin Gold and Vancouver Pink. For the 3 tones colours which are so nice are Rome Grey and New York Green.

The packaging is just adorable, with the bright orange colour and cute illustrations I couldn't find the heart to throw the boxes away. 

Okay so here is my natural eye colour which is obviously black for Asian people. So let's see how these coloured lenses will go with natural black eyes.

Madrid grey is one of the 2 tone colours offered. Seeing the design it is grey, but when worn and from afar the colour kinda looks like light blue. And of course it has the big eyes effect.

Kiev Blue surely did make my eyes stand out. This is my first time also trying out blue contact lenses and I find the colour really attractive. Not many people dare enough to pull of blue eyes, but this colour is not so daring and it looks really pleasant with black eyes.

Berlin Gold! OMG I have gold in my eyes. This is one of the unique colours that Horien is offering and I have never heard of Gold contact lenses before. Look at the design closely, you could even see the gold sparkle. So prepare to sparkle your eyes with this colour. Honestly to me this colour is rather daring, but from afar it looks more like a soft hazel colour. I think for dinner, events or special occasions, this colour would totally be the one.

Vancouver Pink is just adorable don't you think. I have always wondered how pink would look like in the eyes since pink is not a natural colour for eyes. I bet you girls who are crazy over pink could not wait to try these out. Even myself was really looking forward to try out this colour and the result is just lovely. They make the eyes look soft and pleasant, from afar the colour kinda look like soft purple which made the eyes have a kind of natural view to it. So yes this colour has captured my heart.

New York Green will I say my most favourite colour of all. This 3 tone lens has such an amazing design that it makes the eyes so beautiful. Somehow it doesn't look fake cause it blends really well with my natural eye colour. Its green but it doesn't look too green but it creates a nice green effect with a little bit of hazel. From afar it really stands out and even without makeup on these contacts are enough to make you look good. Honestly this colour must be ticked in your list.

Rome Grey is also a 3 tone contact lens which looks almost similar to New York Green. I have been rocking this colour for raya a lot cause the effect is so nice. Especially under the sun, my eyes look amazing with these 3 tone colours. 

Overall I could say these contact lenses are amazing. I tend to have quite dry eyes but surprisingly these contact lenses stay moist long even when I have air conditioner direct at my eyes. Usually I will have to keep putting in droplets in my eyes, but for these lenses I rarely have to do it. So this is one strong reason why I love these lenses.
The lenses are also soft and feel comfortable in the eyes. So I would highly recommend these contacts lenses for your everyday wear.

With every purchase of 38% Monthly soft contact lens or 38% Monthly color contact lens, a free mini lenses case box will be given. So hurry up and visit your optical store to get these lens while still in promotion.

So that's all peeps, stay tuned cause I will be doing beauty looks with these contacts lenses soon.
Till then


  1. Hi Mira, you got these lenses for free? Do you know how much is this for one pair? look great by the way with these lenses

    1. Hye Lai Ping, thank you so much. From what I know the price ranges are different for every stores. So you might have to survey a few stores.


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