Laneige finally made its stop to Malaysia after visiting several other Asian countries. I'm sure many have awaited for their arrival including me. I have been eyeing Laneige for some time now since this high-end brand from Korea has made good reviews by its users, especially for their skincare range. The ambassador for Laneige is also someone everybody is familiar with her beauty and flawless skin, Song Hye Gyo which makes Laneige more tempting to be tried out.

Last week Laneige finally made its stop at Mid Valley Malaysia for its Beauty Road campaign after visiting several countries such as Thailand and Singapore. Thus Beauty Road is open to the public where they were giving out samples and goodies for anyone who dropped by. The que for samples was no joke, people were all lined up just to have a taste of their goodness. Luckily for me, I was invited by The Butterfly Project to participate in Laneige's Beauty Road.

The main purpose of this Beauty Road is to promote Laneige's Best Selling product which is their BB Cushion. They have 2 types offered here in Malaysia which is Whitening & Pore Control. These BB Cushions are said to be sold 1 every 1 second around the world. Laneige surely has made a lot of fans throughout the years they went global.

There was also an exclusive interview with one of Laneige's celebrity model, Hwang Si-On. Even looking at her upfront, her skin is remarkably flawless. She also shared her tips on Beauty and how she maintains her beauty regime even on a busy day.  She says Laneige has helped her through her day a lot to make sure she always look presentable in front of people.

Not stopping there, Laneige also brought in one of their famous Korean makeup artist to show us Malaysians a demo on how to create a young natural beauty look which Koreans now are so in to. She also gave tips on how to use the BB Cushion and other Laneige products which made me more tempted to get one for myself. Her English was good also and don't you think she's super cute?

Hey, I managed to get a selfie with Hwang Si-On too. Hehe.. (I look like a giant beside her). She is so beautiful. I wonder how Song Hye Gyo would look like upfront.

So Laneige's Beauty Road here in Malaysia was surely fun. I had a great time with my butterflies and I learnt a lot of useful tips as well. The place was crowded with people and the offers were great too. Hope Laneige does this every year since the turn up was so good. LOL

And yeah.. The goodies made me cry cry cry with happy tears. One whole set and I have been dying to try out more of Laniege. Review, of course, will be coming up soon. Thank you so much for having me Laneige.

Till then peeps

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  1. bila la nak datang kelantan dorang ni.. huhuu

    1. Haha.. rasanya lama lagi kot since diaorg jelajah dunia. So mesti diaorg pergi ibu negeri setiap negara.

  2. Hahahaha gambar first sapa amek? hahahahah :)

    Akak suka gila Laneige BB Cushion ni :)

    1. Gambar first Mira ambiklah Kak Nannie. HAHA
      Mira pun sukaaaaaa juga

  3. omg, you get to take photo with her~~~~~


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