Hey peeps, so last month on the first of August I was invited to Maybelline's Queen of New York Makeup Workshop with professional makeup artist Stevensunny. Maybelline turned 100 this year and they have featured 9 decades of iconic looks and one exclusive Future makeup look. Each look represents makeup artistry and trends in the past, present and future. On that day, we were taught how to create The Future Glam Goddess look inspired by Stevensunny.

The workshop was held at L'Oreal Malaysia and I was stunned how it looked like they have their own store in here. LOL... This workshop was for the winners that entered the contest for this workshop. They even prepared photo booths and a nail art corner. Pity I didn't take much pictures that day, the props were awesome.

We started off a bit late since a lot of us were stuck in traffic that day, but Stevensunny managed to hype things up with an entertaining workshop. I learnt a lot that day and I just only knew that all this while I have been doing my makeup wrong. HAHA... But that is the purpose for a workshop right? To learn. I hope could attend more makeup workshops in the future since I learnt tons of new things.

So the look we all was working on that day was the Glam Godess look and here are what we used

New Dream Satin Ultra Breathable Skin Two Way Cake
Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil 
Calour Tattoo in Bold Gold
Big Eyes Shadow in Copper Gold
New Hypersharp Wing Liner
Kajal Khol Eyeliner
Blush Em' in I'm Glowy
Colour Sensational Matte in MAT 7

Our first task was to create a half face look first so we could see the difference easily. When we finished our half face, then only we were allowed to do the other half andit was quite hard for me since I usually balance my left and right by doing it back and forth from one side to another. Along the way Steven gave me tips and corrected my mistakes I have been doing. 

And this is the final result! Even I was amazed that I could look like this by my own touch. LOL... As I said, Steven's tips really changed my style of makeup and made it much better than before. Longer and darker eyebrows and kohl eye lined eyes is something that I usually avoid, but now I think I might be addicted to this look.

I surely had super fun that day with meeting new people and doing makeup along the way. Those tips and tricks I learnt during the workshop was really useful after. Now I have levelled up my makeup touch to another level. Btw, did I tell you I won the 'Queen Of New York' title on that day? Hehe

Till then peeps!

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