Review: Esmeria Soothing Shower Gel for Sensitive & Eczema Skin

25 September 2015

Hey peeps! OMG, its been a while. September has been really busy people, so forgive me if my blog has been so quite. I feel heartbroken too. So since I have a little bit of spare time thank to Raya Haji... (how was your raya haji this year?) hehe.. I'm gonna update a review on a gift set I received a few months back. If you guys remembered my previous posts on their products, the gift set is a smaller version of their original products.

These products were sent to me for review purposes

Esmeria Shower Gel (250ml)
Price: RM59.90

Gift Set Includes:
 Soothing Shampoo for Sensitive & Irritated Scalp (75ml)
Soothing Conditioner for Sensitive and Dandruff Scalp (50ml)
Soothing Shower Gel for Sensitive & Eczema Skin (75ml)


More Info:
EsmeriaSoothingOrganics Facebook

So basically this gift set includes their Soothing Shampoo and shower gel range. For the shampoo range I have written a review on them on my previous post. The gift set is more like a travel sized set which is just perfect for travel.

For Esmeria Soothing Shower Gel for Sensitive & Eczema Skin I find the product very calming. The scent is a bit different from normal shower gels that smells more floral or fruity. The scent is none like that but its calming and not that bad. It also doesn't have much soap characteristics so don't expect to much soap foams from it. For me its refreshing enough for a shower.

The shower gel really helps eczema skin, since I have eczema myself. It doesn't treat the eczema I suppose since its still there but it helps reduces the itchiness and the eager to scratch. Which helps a lot. Overall I would recommend this for those who might have problems like me, its better to prevent rather than do nothing about it right?

Till then peeps

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