Good Morning peeps! I am such a bad bad blogger lately, I've been piling up blogposts a lot lately and this event has already been almost a month I think. But, better late then never right? So if you guys have been following me on Instagram, I did share a few pictures during the launch of Physicians formula here in Malaysia. This brand is America's #1 Brand which offers high quality, innovative, glamorous yet healthy makeup. 

Physicians Formula is said to be #1 in Premium Face Powders, Mineral Makeup and also in Natural/Organic Face & Eye Makeup. This brand promises healthy makeup which not many brands nowadays are giving. Even their mascara's does not contain any harsh chemicals, synthetic preservations or parabens and 70% organic.

Not only were the makeup said to be healthy, but the packaging and the makeup quality is already to die for. With only 1 swatch, I found the products really pigmented and the colors are just amazingly beautiful. Not like most makeup, I couldn't seem to find any scent to it, so that should be a good sign right?

Anyways, now Physician Formula is available at selected Watson Stores here in Malaysia which the price ranges from RM39- RM82 . Now I think I could add another favourites to my drugstore makeup list. There will be a review on their makeup soon, so stay tuned peeps!


  1. I see mira! Sangat la best kann Physicians Formula dah ada dkt Malaysia

  2. Suka mekap tapi tak terkejar dengan update mekap di pasaran. Harap lepas I sign up dengan Ipsy, I will be back on track! :D


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