20 October 2017

Mamonde surely did surprise me when this came in the mail. Okay gonna be honest here but since I got pregnant makeup just didn't excite me as much before but it did feel good when I was given something new to explore. I actually didn't expect to receive this in the mail and when it came I was pleased by the cute packaging and the surprise inside. I received Mamonde's new Flower Pop Eye Brick palette and Flower Pop Blusher, and after having a closer look at the products, I just had to swatch them instantly. So I did. Keep on reading to know more.

I'm the type of blogger that won't touch a product until I get the perfect pictures of it. Usually, I'll wait until I have my camera and the perfect lighting with me, but I was so eager to swatch this, I just used my phone instead which I rarely do and it surprised me that the pictures didn't turn out that bad. I should lower my standards a bit and make blogging more easy for me right?

Anyways, the Flower Pop Eye Brick Palette comes in 5 different types the Golden Beige, Laura Coral, Burgundy Pansy, Pale Purple and Rosy Road. I received the Golden Beige Palette which I thank the PR very much because this certainly is my colour. Lol... Even though I haven't tried it out yet on the eyes but I can't wait until I do. Let my baby come out first before I start doing a full face again. 

The Flower Pop Eye brick is a multipurpose, portable eyeshadow quad that is developed using highly blendable formula alongside exquisite pearls and colours for easy makeup. So as you can see, all the shades are shimmer with no matte but I love how the colours blend together so well. Even the palette itself is beautifully packed like a petal shape.

While for the Flower Pop Blusher they have 6 different types which are Pansy, Daisy, Peony, Camelia, Rose Bay and Ginger. A range of purple, pink, orange is offered and I received Pansy, the purple one which is the most exciting one for me. If you followed me way before, you'll know that I love exploring colours when it comes to makeup and this purple blusher has been triggering me to do a full face look since all my blushers are basically pink and purple seems like a rea─║ly brave colour. I personally love the flower shape of the blusher which makes me feel so bad to swatch it cause I don't wanna ruin it.

This newly formulated blusher is developed using highly pure powder materials and special grinding technology alongside an oil binder that functions to bind powder particles which creates a more clear and sheer colour when applied to the skin. The blush contains no shimmering pearls but it comes with a coat of camelia oil which offers a glowing complexion once applied.

Once swatched, the colours turned out amazing than I expected. It's so pigmented and the colours were perfect! I already imagined a full face look with this palette added with a bold purplish blush on the cheeks. Since my pregnancy hormones are holding me back to do any makeup, I'll only get to realise the idea next year I suppose and I hope my baby won't prevent me from that. LOL... I miss makeup so much now.

Anyways, this palette should be suitable if you have an event but you have to do your makeup on the go. It's small and compact with rich elegant colours. The best thing is even without a primer the pigments stick and create a bold colour once applied. It's not powdery and it blends well with makeup brushes as well. I totally recommend this but the downside I do feel its a bit pricey for such a small palette with only 4 colours to choose. But still it should last long and the product itself is already satisfying.

Product Deets
Name: Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick (2.3gx4)
Price: RM99

Name: Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher (7.5g)
Price: RM59
Availability: Mamonde's Counter Parkson KLCC

Till then peeps!

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