Believe or not but I have control over my husbands' whereabouts. Lol... That sounds so wrong! If you've been following me on Instagram you'll see that I posted a few of my husbands' whereabouts from time to time in my Insta-stories. #BINISTALKER He can never lie to me nor has he so far (as from what I know) because I'll always be checking if he has been somewhere he isn't supposed to be. I know, I sound like such a bad wife but I bet you're curious to know too! Don't lie, because you're sure gonna be hitting the read more button below.

I know what your thinking already, what type of wife am I invading my husbands' rights. Well let's get real ladies, most of us secretly want to know our husband's whereabouts but I've received his BLESSING to do so. Haha... It all started when I was about 4 months pregnant, we had so many arguments from the same old thing. Not because of him having another girl hidden (I can still trust my husband on that). Haha... Its because he always makes me WAIT!

Yes, the solid reason was that the long waiting time! I hated that! Since I gave up my car, he had to fetch me after work despite being so busy with his work. I'll usually commute from KL by LRT to the nearest LRT station he is at since his work field needs him to be running about here and there. So I sometimes don't even know which station I should stop at and what time he'll be able to fetch me because he's usually so busy on his phone with clients and I'm always on hold. When he finally gets back to me I'll usually have already arrived at the LRT station waiting for him which most of the days I just guess where he might be picking me up. Besides that, there were a lot of other reasons as well and one of them is that he always says he's nearby but takes forever to reach me. This caused a lot of  MASSIVE arguments and my pregnancy hormones were not helping either at that time. At the end of the day, It leads me to feel the guilt sometimes because I know he's always had problems with multitasking which is one of the reasons why he can't always entertain me, as his work is always so hectic. So I had to figure out a solution, we each couldn't stand arguing anymore either and I for sure don't wanna keep on being such a dreadful wife.

This is when I thought of the idea if I could only locate him that caused me to went through the app store to find something like that if it ever existed. Turns out there were a bunch of apps like that which made me so happy it existed but I didn't know if it would work and if I'm gonna try this I only have one chance to do it because my husband has his moods. So I tried looking for the one with the best graphics and reviews which lead me to Life 360. I installed it on my phone first and tried my best to understand it first and after I got the idea of it I showed the app to him and ask if I could install it on his phone. At first, he objected saying that his phone doesn't have enough space for new apps (sebab dah penuh dengan game dia) so I started my 'mukadimah' an opening which lead to a full defensive speech, (memang kena bebel la). So to shut me up he agreed and I gave him a very satisfying look. Hahaha.. So how did it turn out?

Day 1
I couldn't stop opening the app and adjusting the settings on the app. We used the free basic plan which allows you to set 2 places with alerts to receive notifications when a person arrives and leaves a place. So I set 1 for home and another one for his workplace. Since I already had his permission, of course, I made full use of it, I set my phone to receive notifications but not my husbands. I know he'll want to uninstall if he keeps seeing it, so I adjusted that. So for day 1, it was a success, I checked the app before leaving the office and managed to estimate which station he could pick me up and I didn't even have to wait long for him at the LRT station. Finally, I went in the car with a huge smile on my face and that put him in a good mood as well.

After that, we kept depending on this app. Well, actually I'm the one depending on it. My husband doesn't really care, I managed to hide the notifications from his phone so I think he sometimes forgets that I could track him. So did I manage to solve our problem? Well, 90% yes. I was able to adjust my time to make sure I don't have to wait long at the LRT especially during times where I can't reach him which often happens. The other 10% is when the app sometimes is faulty and doesn't update the current location precisely. So I can't 100% depend on this app, I'll still need to trust my instincts and my husband but if you keep refreshing the app it may work sometimes.

Other than that, this app also shows your battery percentage and also if you're charging your phone. This is a major help as well since his phone usually dies and I know he's not lying if his battery percentage is seen at 1% on the app. The battery number never lies, I tested it out so many times. Another feature is that it tells you if your partner is driving which shows 'MOVING'. So when I see that I know that he's driving, and if he's supposed to come home, I could start preparing for him. You know how guys are just too lazy to tell sometimes. They'll never report to you like us girls, it's just not their nature I suppose.

Despite the app only giving 2 free places to receive alerts, you can always name places without receiving notifications so you'll need to check manually and open the app every time. My husband has several places he has to report to duty every week so I'll just name the place he usually goes and if he goes there again I know he's there without having to check the default address of the place. Sometimes it's hard to remember the exact place on the map since it could be the same place but the app detects a different street name within the radius of the place. So it's just better to save the location of the place as it'll automatically save the place with a 1m radius with the name you have saved it with.

Besides that, you'll also know how long has your partner has been at a place. It will show the time he arrived at a place so if you're checking your app lets say 3pm and you wanna know what time he arrived there, the app will be able to show the time exp: since 8am. From there you'll know that he never went anywhere unless if he turned off his internet connection and went out then turned it on again when he got back. That can't be helped if your partner does that though.

If he didn't turn off his internet connection, you'll be able to check where he went with his driving reports. It's a summary of places he went, what time he arrived, what time he left and also his driving speed for each drive. For the free plan, it doesn't really tell everything compared to the monthly paid plan which is a bit expensive for me so I'm just okay with the basic plan offered. It's already been a great help which also soothes my curiosity too. Since my husband is always out and about I get really curious and anxious to know where he goes all day (even though I'll always call him and ask him where he is) but I still wanna confirm it especially when he comes home late.

Even though I'm not working anymore now I still use this app probably because I'm so used to it by now. During my confinement period, my husband rarely comes back to my mums' place because he was busy than ever during that time as a new project he's in charge of just launched, so I'll sometimes only able to see him once a week and of course, I had major insecurity issues. I kept stalking him where he went all day, what places he went and what time he's back home even though he'll usually ring me up from time to time but I still don't know why I kept stalking him. LOL... Even my husband kept telling me to check the app and see where he goes back then because I was going a bit mental when he keeps saying he can't come back to see me. To think of it again, I was so clingy back then.

So that's how I stalk my husband. Lol... I know this actually ain't stalking if he knows about it but still I get updates on where he really goes. The most important thing here is actually trusting your partner. If you have nothing to hide then there should be no problem for both of you to install the app. Both of you can detect each other anyway. The problem is when only one of you wants to know the others person activity. In the end, it just comes down to trust.

Besides using it to keep track of your partners' whereabouts, you could also use the app to check on other family members such as your children. I have another group in this app with my family members as well as my dad wanted to keep track of my 2nd sister since her work requires her to travel a lot.  So I introduced them this app an now the whole family has this app.

Till then peeps


  1. Mira! Haha. Akk guna jgk apps utk track husband. Haha. Tp guna built in apps iphone je. Find friends tu. Malas install apps lain. Memory penuh. Haha. Dia basic je. Ada noty for leave and reach jgk. So far apps mcm ni mmg berguna!

    1. Haha.. ingatkan Mira je kaki stalk tapi kalau suami jarang2 balik rumah mesti rasa nak tahu ada je kan? Suami Mira je pakai iphone, Mira masih selesa dngn android, so nasib baik dia redho je pakai apps ni.

  2. Baru tau ade apps gini boleh la try nanti.. tunggu kahwin dulu.haha

    1. LOL... Tak semestinya dah kahwin baru boleh pakai apps ni. Boleh je pakai uituk family macam I tunjuk dekat atas.

  3. Huhu..sha pun pernah stalk..kalau balik lmbt masing2 on whatapps location live..


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