Who loves the feeling when you walk into a spa or a massage parlor, especially Thai specialized ones? Thailand is well known for their wellness massages and pretty much available around the world. I bet most of you must have already tried out a Thai massage before even if you haven't stepped foot in Thailand since it's pretty easy to find a Thai Spa boutique, especially in Malaysia. I just went to one last month and it's amazing. The thing that I loved the most was the scent stepping in the Spa, you could instantly smell the freshness of lemongrass and it's just the best feeling ever. I so wished I could scent this kind of scent every day and somehow my wish came true. How? Keep on reading to know.

I wasn't expecting it but when I tried out this brand from Thailand called Mt.Sapola. It gave me this nice feeling which I felt before but I couldn't really remember what during my first try. After a while it came back to me and I remembered of this Thai Spa I went a month ago and these products made me feel like I'm back there.

Mt. Sapola is the name of a mountain where natural soap was discovered by the ancient Roman. In 1997, Mt.Sapola produced their first batch of natural Handmade Soap, thus become the brand name of a high quality, nature-based spa products aimed to give healthy comfort to their customers' everyday life. Mt.Sapola products are blended with Thai Rice which makes all their products included with Rice Bran Oil.

This brands star product is their Natural Handmade Soap but carries a wide range of wellness and beauty products too which you can't miss out if you're into Spa & Wellness. It'll instantly give you a boost of calmness with their popular scents such as Lavender, Lemon Grass, Ginger and so much more. Before we go further on the products, watch my first impression on some of the products they sent me to try out.

So you've seen the products that I tried out and I bet you'll wanna know more right? Read below for further details on Mt.Sapola products I used and my review on them after using them for a while.

1. Natural Handmade Soap

Mt. Sapola offers 10 different types of Handmade Soaps and I've been able to try out 3 of them which is their bestselling Lavender, Lemongrass and also Bamboo Charcoal. Their handsoap contains Rice Bran Oil which has been a secret ingredient used by women from the Far-East that are known for their beautiful and youthful skin as a result of using Rice Bran Oil regularly. Mt.Sapola uses this ingredient and created a gentle cleanser and exfoliant.
Mt. Sapola Natural Soaps are 100% Organic which contains natural active ingredients such as Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. Mt. Sapola differs from other products as they claim they have no preservatives and only use all raw materials from selected ingredients that are made from organic or natural plant materials. Their products undergo production techniques and that controls and help keep the products safe from infection. This enables their products to last for up to 2 years even without preservatives. Their products are also free from Silicone, SLS, SLES, Parabens, Polymers and other types of chemicals.
Each type of soap has their own specialty but overall here are some benefits of their handmade soap:

My thoughts on these handmade soaps are of course the scents are amazing. Honestly, I'm not such a big fan of these kinds of soaps since it's quite hard to store, but I'm using it because of the scent. Especially on days, I need some peace of mind, these are the closest I good get for a good spa session at home. I cut the soaps in half so I could save up and use just one half first while storing the other so I could stretch and use it longer. Don't use soaps like these that have been used for so long because since it doesn't contain chemicals, it'll surely mold easily.

I'm loving the lemongrass the most as it smells the best. The lemongrass soap functions almost like a deodorant as it helps to remove body odor. I'll use this every time I need to have a quick rinse such as, before going out since I still have body odor problem sometimes, especially when it's super hot outside. The Bamboo Charcoal functions the same as well but it also removes dead skin cells. While the Lavender soaps give a more calming effect.

2. Authentic Signature Body Collection

I believe that their Authentic Signature Collection is their newly launched products. Their Signature Collection consists of a Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Mist and also a Body Oil. This range contains essential oils such as Lemongrass Oil, Neroli Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Lavender Oil, Frankincense Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, and Patchouli Oil. It also contains organic extracts such as Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Pennywort, Tiliacora Triandra, Calendula, Green Tea and also Rice and of course it consists of their main ingredient of Rice Bran Oil.
No wonder these products smell amazing! I was only right with the lemongrass part, and couldn't figure out the rest if you've watched my video above. I only got to try out their body mist and body lotion and these two already managed to mesmerize me. The packaging looks sleek and the products are nice too. Their scent is the same to me for both products but their purpose is of course different. I'm currently addicted to the body mist, every time after a shower now, I'll make sure to spray this all over my body and I come out feeling absolutely refreshed and great. The body lotion, on the other hand, absorbs quite well too, I rarely use body lotion at home since I tend to sweat a lot, but once a while I do need it. Since it's packaging doesn't take up much space and looks elegant, I have this always on my makeup table.
3. Home Scent

I was eager to try their Home Scents when I found out they had these too. Since I now I have my own place, my husband is really picky about scents and only allows certain types of scents, mostly candles. But my stock of candles finished already so I wanted to try out something new instead since candles need the hassle of burning it for it produces scent. I've heard about essential oils before but never really gave it a try so when I got this at first I didn't really know how to use it too. Turns out it's more simple than I thought. Just insert all the sticks in the jar and you're good to go. You don't even have to burn it for it to produce scent. 

The trick in making the scent stronger is to always flip the sticks around but I haven't done that yet since the scent is quite strong already. Just as I open my front door I could already smell the fresh scent even though it sits in my study room. But do bear in mind I live in a 3 room apartment so my space is quite small. The best thing about this is that my husband didn't complain either, usually, he'll say something mostly criticizes my choices of scents but this time he didn't even say a word. But I did see him checking the jar out from afar. LOL...

The Lavender scent has a nice soft scent and gives a relaxing feel, perfect mood booster to do work. I wonder how the lemongrass scent is as I'm liking their other lemongrass products. These 450ml bottles are said to be able to last for a few months if you don't keep rotating the sticks.

Overall I could say this brand totally got my interest especially with their Signature Collection and Home Scents. My home smells like a Spa now, and I love that because I'm at home most of the time taking care of a growing baby, I do need some boost of calmness. Do check out this brand if you're looking for something like this too, I'm sure you won't regret it.

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