Early this month I went on a short trip with my family to celebrate Maliq's first birthday and also our 2nd year anniversary to Port Dickson. We had a tight budget and limited time so we thought Port Dickson should be the best place for a 1-night stay, so after that, we could head back to our parents home in Senawang and spend a few days there too. My husband and I have always preferred comfortable accommodation which means we usually aim for 3 stars and above hotels that provide breakfast as well so we could fully enjoy a nice retreat. After going through the list of hotels provided in Port Dickson, I found this newly opened hotel D'Wharf that opened last year if I'm not mistaken and thought to give it a try. Read on to know my review on my stay.

Port Dickson offers a lot of old hotels and most of them are super expensive for one night stay, our budget was below RM300 so of course, I didn't want to use all that up for just one-night stay. So I found D'Wharf priced below RM200 for a room and with tax and all it summed up around RM206. We booked a studio room because the other rooms were fully booked on the date we wanted. The hotel wasn't located exactly at Port Dickson but a little bit further a front, we didn't really reach the beach during our stay because our time was kinda limited.

Anyways, upon arrival of our stay, the carpark had direct access to the main lobby at level 3 and checking in was easy and fast too. Our room was at level 8 with a sea view so of course, I was very excited about that, it's Maliq's first time seeing the sea too. As soon as we opened our room door we were greeted with a puddle of rainwater in front of the door. Inside and outside of our room, but the room was tiled and we understand that it rained heavily before we arrived so there's no big issue there. I called room service and they took care of that pretty quick.

What kinda shock me was the size of the room was so tiny! We barely had space to move especially when we requested to add a baby cot as well. There was a queen bed, a small corner for a cupboard, a pantry separated by a wall and then the toilet beside the door entrance. We were kinda feeling a bit disappointed especially when the floor isn't properly cleaned and dusty welcomed by a rotten smell from the air-condition. I was so close on instantly requesting for a change of room when my husband said wait a little bit first. We were kinda mesmerized by the view of the sea from our balcony, it was indeed beautiful. So we rested for a bit and had lunch that I cooked at home sitting at the balcony looking at the view. It was really nice.

In the end, we the smell went away or our noses got used to it I don't know so we didn't request for a room change. Instead, we went down to the pool for a dip especially my husband as he loves big pools. The pool there was quite big which had 3 divisions, 2 for kids and 1 big one at the end for adults. There were also a lot of people enjoying the pool too but there was enough space for everyone and didn't seem that crowded too. Chairs and towels were also provided so it was comfortable as well for me because I didn't really want to dip in but had to in the end because of Maliq. LOL... The view from the pool was also spectacular.

At night we didn't have to go far for dinner too, just below was MCD, Starbucks, Kenny Rodgers and there was also marts everywhere, it wasn't hard to find food. We weren't in the mood for fast food so we took the car for a 5-minute drive for tomyam, I can't remember the name of the restaurant, Foursquare rating was quite good but the food kinda sucked. So we went to Starbucks to take away coffee and cake to celebrate our anniversary night at the hotel. Haha... We also got to have a nice romantic walk beside the night breeze of the sea which was kinda refreshing too.

Before 10pm we were back at the hotel like an old couple, to enjoy TV but there was no channel except for basic local ones. So we just had that on but we spent the night talking and recapping back our 2 years together. The night seems peaceful as well, even though McD was just directly below our room, we couldn't hear noises once we shout the sliding door. There was a lot of people going out for late night snacks below though. Sleep was a bit uncomfortable for us as queen bed wasn't good for us, my baby didn't want to sleep in the cot, probably because it smells, so we 3 had to squeeze in one bed. I'm the one who didn't really get sleep.

The next morning, I got up really early and managed to see the sunrise from our room. The view was breathtaking and I sat at the balcony alone daydreaming. It's been a while since I had time for myself. The boys were still peacefully sleeping until I woke them up for breakfast. Breakfast was nearby the pool area and the food was good even though there wasn't much selection but they had everything basic. My husband and I usually go for pastries when we have breakfast in hotels, even though they didn't have many choices, thank goodness it was all good.

After breakfast, the boys needed a short nap before we all went down to the pool again. We spent a lot of time in the pool as the pool was really a nice one. The view was also lovely. We requested late checkout since we spent so much time in the pool and they gave us until 1pm without any extra charges. Check out was also fast and easy too. Before we headed back, we did manage to go to their private beach just across the road but you can't really swim there. There were too many rocks and ships were nearby, don't think it's safe either.

"Overall our stay was a nice one but we may not come again. We didn't find the price was worth it and besides the nice pool and great location, there wasn't much we were pleased of. The room was tremendously tiny and it was not properly cleaned as well. It's our first time experiencing bad scent upon entering a hotel room. My husband didn't fancy it from the beginning but at least the view form our room was spectacular. That explains all the nice pictures."

Till then peeps!