31 March 2019


I'm sorry I haven't been updating much on life, I miss writing too but I couldn't find time to sit down and put it all down in words. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been very hectic these past few months. The big news is we've moved! We moved to a more rural area so we could cut cost on rent. It may sound like we're downgrading our life but actually, it's more to upgrading. We managed to rent a bigger home for a lower rent because we're renting with our family, my father in law to be exact. He had this unfinished home that was abandoned like over a decade ago, so my husband who works nearby that area asked his father if he could rent the home. He planned it over almost a year already though but only on February did we manage to move in.

28 March 2019


Back during my study years (I studied event management in Uni if you didn't know), I remembered I had to keep a list in mind for event spaces even if we did a lot of events in our University's main hall but still we had a lot of events we did which sometimes we needed event spaces to do so. If I was still back in my Uni days, I'll gladly put this new ballroom to the list of event spaces but since I'm not studying anymore, at least I'm glad to know that there is a modern event space nearby my home. I didn't look for event spaces during my wedding because I knew there wasn't exactly a nice place nearby, even my friends' had to find event spaces at Klang or Shah Alam to hold their wedding, which is quite far. Now knowing that a new event space is offered at Bandar Saujana Putra which is approximately 20 minutes from my place, this should be a nice place to recommend. If you wanna know more about the event space, keep on reading.

16 March 2019


Lately, I've been into trying different types of maternity bras from brands sold online. As I mentioned once before, I don't want to wear cheap bras anymore as I find they don't help to support the breast properly and when you're breastfeeding, you'll need that support. I've been breastfeeding for a year over already, and I just realized how important nursing bras play a role too just recently. But if you noticed from my recent posts on maternity bras, most of them are quite pricey. Well, today let me introduce to you a more affordable brand you can get online in Malaysia.

10 March 2019


Anyone longing for a holiday? I know I am, it's been a while and with just moving to a new home. I need a break to lift back my mood. So this means, a whole lot of giving hints to my husband and of course, 'kena ambil hati'. LOL... How I usually do it is, of course, be extra nice to him and at the same time find promotions and propose to him. My husband loves traveling and vacations but since bringing the family costs a lot too, so he always makes sure the offer is really good to book. But it's not easy too, I have to make sure all details are included such as hotel, reviews, pricing, he needs to know everything so I turn to Traveloka. Why? Keep on reading to know.