16 March 2019

Lately, I've been into trying different types of maternity bras from brands sold online. As I mentioned once before, I don't want to wear cheap bras anymore as I find they don't help to support the breast properly and when you're breastfeeding, you'll need that support. I've been breastfeeding for a year over already, and I just realized how important nursing bras play a role too just recently. But if you noticed from my recent posts on maternity bras, most of them are quite pricey. Well, today let me introduce to you a more affordable brand you can get online in Malaysia.

Introducing Shapee, if you mummies have not yet heard of it, this brand was launched way back in 2013. By September 2016 they added the launch breastfeeding and maternity products. Shapee's Seamless Nursing Bra was awarded by BabyTalk Reader Choices’Award 2017 for the ‘Best Seamless Nursing Bra. Now Shapee offers 3 types of maternity bras from their ranges of Classic, Sassy and most recent launch Lafee. I managed to own one of their Lafee Bra and managed to wear it a couple of time within this month so here is what I think about it.

The Lafee Bra is their newest launch which represents more feminity compared to their previous bra as the Lafee displays a lovely lace as well. This bra also includes with a panty as well so it's basically a set for the price.
Here is what the Lafee Bra has to offer:
  • Innovative nursing clips design for total convenience.
  • Removable foam cups provide greater flexibility.
  • Reinforced non-slip straps for total support and comfort.
  • Full cup design to fit comfortably and support your changing shape each step of the way.
  • 4 hooks & eye extensions for greater adjustability.
  • 100% made of cotton for total comfort.

I've used the bra for a couple of times now and indeed it's comfortable as most of my nursing bras. Their nursing clips are in front and it's easy to attach and detach as well. I haven't had problems yet to feed my baby, especially on his fussy moments. The thing I love most is indeed the lace which adds a touch of feminity to it, so it doesn't look too plain or boring. Even if I go shirtless at home, this nursing bra looks well enough. Another thing I could give points too is their combined foam cups which fits perfectly. The benefit of combined comes which I see is that it doesn't easily come out from the bra during a wash. I admit I'm such the lazy type, I just throw everything in the washing machine and usually the sponges in the bras will come out. But for the Lafee Nursing Bra, it stays in place.
The material is also soft and cooling and it's not too thick or thin as well, which now usually makes it my first option to be used at home. This is because I do a lot of house chores so I tend to sweat a lot. The bra absorbs sweat making me comfortable to carry out my daily routine.
Overall, owning one Lafee Nursing Bra makes me feel to try out their other ranges since I find comfort using this bra for everyday wear.

Not forgetting the panties included, it's below the waist type which I prefer rather than the ones that cover the belly. These panties should be suitable for pregnant ladies too as the front of the panties is rather low to help give room and comfort for the belly. The material is the same as the bra so both products are comfortable to wear.

Product Deets
Name: Shapee Lafee Nursing Bra
Price: RM69.00

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