28 February 2019

One of the minor problems I faced since I had Maliq was taking care of his personal hygiene, which is when he gets mucus and when his nails grow long again. These things may seem simple but without proper care, it could be a big issue, especially when you're dealing with babies. So when I found out about Joylee's Nose Cleaner and Nail Trimmer, I just had to own each of it. Why? Because I'm such a modern mum. LOL... I'll tell you in detail if you read on.

Let's start with Joylee's star product, which is their Nose Cleaner. If you followed me on Instagram, you'll know that I had such a hard time before when he gets the flu. He is so sensitive with things going into his nose, and he usually has a lot of mucus when he gets it, so I can't simply ignore his blocked nose. I just hated sucking the mucus out, I tried the manual pump one, it didn't work, so I changed to the one that has to be sucked out. That one worked but it's just too much hassle, I still hated it, even my husband likes giving excuses so he doesn't have to do it. Haihhhh... The problem with that one is that Maliq doesn't want to sit still, so the only way we could get to use it by holding him tight which makes it even worse with him screaming and shouting.
When I received Joylee's Nose Cleaner, I wanted to use it right away! LOL... But Maliq didn't have a running nose but I installed it anyway and tested it out to see if he was okay with it. Of course, he was more curious to hold and explore it since the nose cleaner comes with lights and music. I couldn't even get the device to reach his nose since he kept holding it back with his hands to play with it. So mission failed, it got Maliq more interesting as a toy, so I packed it up until we really need to use it. When the time came to use it, Maliq yet again thought it was a toy with the distractions of the lights and music. So it was still hard to get it near his nose, so we still had to hold him tight. At first, of course, he screamed since I mentioned he is really sensitive with his nose area. A few seconds he stopped screaming but still crying but the faking cry. He's really good a faking a cry seriously, I can tell straight away that it doesn't hurt at all. I kept the device in his nose for a few seconds and the results were amazing, it managed to suck out more than I can ever get before.

Of course, Maliq still kept crying after, but he cried because he wanted to hold the nose cleaner and play with it. Since it's already stored with mucus I had to wash it clean first. My husband was impressed too, before this he was so skeptical about this device saying that it'll be no need. But once we had it, he's the one who's more excited to use it since it's just that simple. Even after a few tries, Maliq still had problems to have it in his nose even with the lights and music, but by holding him tight, at least we're able to get it in for a few seconds so it's more than enough to get the mucus out. Then I discovered a better way to do it, was by using it when he's asleep. I thought at first it wouldn't work since the device isn't soundless, but there was no harm trying and to our surprise, he didn't wake up at all, no matter how long the device was in his nose. So it seems that the nose cleaner is so light for babies that they don't even feel it. So it works better that way and I get to completely clean out his nose, so when he sleeps, I won't hear that nose block sound anymore.

Joylee's Nose Cleaner has 3 types of speed which runs with 2 AA Batteries which comes together in the box. They also include a plastic box and bag to store the device and batteries too. It's advised to keep the batteries out when not in use, which I bet all of you know already. The device is baby friendly so no worries if your little one holds or play with it, just make sure it's clean. When it use, I love to use it with the lights on, because I see Maliq pays attention to the lights, but I don't prefer the sound much. For the speed, I usually use it on top speed which is 3, as the results are faster. Probably speed 1 or 2 is more suitable for newborns below 1 year.

Another device that I'm so thankful of is Joylee's Nail Trimmer, I've actually been on a hunt of this kind of Nail Trimmer since Maliq was still a newborn, but I wasn't sure which brand was a good one so I procrastinated to get one until now. We kinda had a traumatic experience with Maliq before on cutting his nail where we rushed to the emergency as his nail clipper wound won't stop bleeding. Long story short, we avoided anyone else touching him after that, so we parents took extra precautions when cutting his nails. But the problem is that the bigger he gets, the more he doesn't want to stay still anymore, so having this puts us at ease.

To our surprise, this Nail Trimmer, not only specifies for babies but could be used for adults too. What fun! This is a mother-baby bonding device I think. Each nail trimmer for Joylee comes with 6 heads, 3 of them for our growing child and another 3 for the adults to use for different purpose. Here is the breakdown of the heads:
🔹️ Super Fine Grinding 👉 0-3 Months Old
Gently removes fine edges from nails, preventing breakage
🔹️ Fine Grinding 👉 4-11 Months Old
Gently defines nail edges
🔹️ Rough Grinding 👉 12 Months above
Painlessly removes dead skin and calluses on the base of nails
🔹️ Metal Grinding 👉 Adults Only
Painlessly removes hardened dead skin and calluses
🔹️ Soft Polishing 👉 Adults Only
Polishes nails and shapes the nail bed
🔹️ Cylindrical Grinding 👉 Adults Only
Perfectly shapes nail edges

Overall the products work the purpose its supposed too, surely what mothers need nowadays, especially new and modern mums like myself. LOL...  if you're the type like me and easily gets terrifies on simple things like this, get this seriously and don't think much. It helps a lot, so now I don't have to depend much on my husband.

Product Deets
Name: Joykids Nose Cleaner
Price: RM329 RM219 

Name: Joykids Nail Trimmer
Price: RM169 RM110

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Till then peeps!

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