27 August 2019

One of the many little things that I've taken extra care off since my son was born is cleanness of his daily things such as his feeding things, his toys, and even the food I cook for him to make sure he stays healthy. Liquid cleansers play a vital role in this so of course, I choose to always use liquid cleansers on mostly everything connected to him as I always worry about the unseen bacteria around him. Nowadays, we have various selections of liquid cleansers to choose from, even those that are made especially for babies which are usually safer to use. Some parents choose to use the same type of liquid cleansers for the whole household, which is an easier option than having to have separate liquid cleansers but if you're still using conventional liquid cleansers, think again if you still want to choose it for your family after reading this post. Keep on reading to understand why.

There's a reason why brands are creating specific liquid cleansers for babies as they are more fragile and easily exposed to consequences from harmful chemicals. These are mostly found in conventional liquid cleansers offered in the market. Some may think that these liquid cleansers can easily be rinsed away with water, but here is where that kind of thought is wrong. It eventually does leave traces that could cause harm in the long-run not only to our babies but also to adults too. Ingredients such as SLS, SLES, and artificial fragrances are harmful to babies and even for adults too but these ingredients are sometimes unavoidable in liquid cleansers. What you can do at least is find liquid cleansers that have a very low percentage in these chemicals.

Now having a choice to use a safer option, here are mostly the main reasons why a lot of parents nowadays choose to change to specific baby liquid cleansers for their babies.

1. Toxic-Free
Baby liquid cleansers are usually formulated to be toxic-free, cruelty-free, with no animal fats, or dyes. Natural, baby soaps are made using essential oils, herbs, fragrances, and other natural ingredients. Babies tend to put everything in the mouth so it is necessary to make sure that its hygienic and safe.

2. Gentle to the skin
This may seem nothing much to adults, but it's a big difference to our babies. Harsh substances could cause irritation or even cause several skin reactions.

3. Hypoallergenic
Babies tend to react much quicker with allergies. It's best to make sure the ingredients used for them are totally safe.

These are usually the main reasons why parents focus on specific liquid cleansers for babies but to choose baby liquid cleansers brands, it depends on their own preferences and criteria.

Obviously, my choice is Sleek Baby. There are so many choices of baby liquid cleansers in the market, but I've been loyal to Sleek Baby for almost a year now. I tried it out the first time out of curiosity and because it was on promotion, so after I finished a whole bottle, I found it suitable for my baby and household so I kept purchasing more.

Here are the reasons why I choose Sleek Baby:

1. 100% Food Grade Formulation
Food Grade means sufficient quality to be used for food production, food storage, or food preparation purposes. It's likely materials that are non-toxic and safe for consumption.

2. Natural Anti-Bacterial
Sleek Baby uses Willow Bark extract in its ingredients and it is known to be one of the most active antibacterial agents. I usually look for liquid cleansers that has anti-bacterial properties as we could never be too sure on how much germs we are exposed too daily, so I hope I could reduce the exposure to my son.

3. Stain Removal Formula
I've tried a few other brands of baby liquid cleansers with the price range of Sleek Baby but I feel like Sleek Baby's formulation to remove milk or food stains is still the best. That's why I've stuck to this brand for a long time because it does what it's supposed to do and I don't really have to scrub much too. Stains easily come off.

4. Paraben-Free
If you're familiar with this term in beauty products, the same goes to liquid cleansers and detergents as well. Going paraben-free is a goal nowadays.

5. Dermatological Tested
Having to know this eases me to let him play with this liquid cleansers, as I know it's gentle for him to use.


1. Clean Baby Bottles & Appliances
The main reason why I bought baby liquid cleansers before was to clean my son's milk bottles and breast pump things. I came to use Sleek Baby as I love its scent and how it easy it was to remove milk stains even after night leaving a used bottle unwashed. When I got used to washing my son's things with Sleek Baby by the sink, somehow I tend to wash everything with it now, except my cooking things. I also prefer washing our drinking glasses with it.

2. Clean Veggies & Fruits
After seeing videos on how much chemicals farmers use to grow veggies, it worries me on how much of those chemicals are we actually eating. That's why I always use Sleek Baby's Cleanser to wash my veggies. Since it's 100% food-grade, at least I know I'm washing off chemicals with a safer option.

3. Washing Toys
Instead of using baby laundry detergents, I prefer using Sleek Baby's cleanser to wash all my sons' toys as this is more gentle to the hands. I usually have him washing toys in a fun session as he loves playing with water.

4. As a Spray For Travel
I transfer a bit of liquid cleanser into a mini spray so that I could carry around easily in his diaper bag. I chose to use the type of bottles that produces foam instantly so I don't have to keep on refilling all the time. The liquid actually works great with foam bottles and it cleans just as well as their concentrated liquid form. 

5. Fun Time
As I mentioned earlier, my son loves playing with water, so I actually bought him a mini table where he can play water and also wash his toys at the same time. He plays water every day, but we make his activity washing toys as a weekly one. So of course washing requires liquid cleansers, so I always use Sleek Baby as it's gentle for him to play with, and it creates a lot of bubbles and foams too. We even use Sleek to refill his bubble maker soap and it works completely well.

Product Deets
Name: Sleek Baby Bottle, Nipple & Accessories Cleanser
Price: RM15.30
Purchase: All Major Hypermarkets

More Deets
Website: kino.co.id/sleek-baby
Facebook: facebook.com/SleekBabyMY
Instagram: instagram.com/sleekbaby

Till then peeps!


  1. Sal tak pernah try lagi brand Sleek . Harga nampak berbaloi , nanti nak try juga!

  2. Yaya memang guna Sleek baby cleanser ni untuk dahlia. Cuci buah dan sayur pun guna ni. Memang tertanggal la kabur tebal kat buah anggur kalau basuh. Terus berkilat buah tu!

  3. wahhh bagusnya boleh guna untuk cuci sayur. Betul, tengok farmers guna baja dengan racun kimia kadang risau jugak nak beli dekat luar

  4. Bestnya sleek baby cleanser ni. Serba blh. Basuh botol & perkakas lain boleh, basuh mainan bileh, basuh buah & sayur pun blh. Yg penting selamat utk kegunaan keluarga especially anak :)

  5. Penting guna produk mcm ni. Lagi2 bila anak masih kecik. Asyik nak cari barang, gigit. Bahaya. Nanti abam cuba cari produk ni. Tak terfikir nak beli sebelum ni

  6. Kebersihan adalah faktor utama untuk memastikan ank kite sentiasa sihat dan kekal aktif spnjang masa..stiap ibu bapa wajib ade pncuci serbaguna sleek nie..btw kite da pakai dlu..😊

  7. Wahh bagus lah boleh bukan sahaja basuh untuk peralatan kanak-kanak tapi juga boleh buat basuh buah dan sayuran tu hurmmm menarik lah baru kita yakin selamat untuk anak-anak...

  8. Rata² produk mandian dan pencuci kat pasaran ada bahan kimia berbahaya seperti SLS, SLES.

    Memang penting sangat kan pilih yang selamat untuk kita, apatah lagi untuk kegunaan anak².

    Wahh bagusnya sleek baby ni. Cuci buah dan sayur pun boleh

  9. Setuju, produk yg kita gunakan utk baby atau barangan bayi mmg kena asingkan drpd kegunaan lain sebab baby nie sensitif skit. Mudah terdedah pada kumam dan bakteria. Jangkitan pon senang as dorg punya antibody x kuat. Baguslah kiranya produk nie dpt lindungi bayi drpd kuman dan bakteria.

  10. last time, aida guna pureen.
    but years ago lah... now anak2 dah besar.
    but ok la bila ia boleh basuh sayur. terbaik idea ni.
    penting sgt cari pencuci yg betul utk brg baby. mainan diorang.
    imun badan diorang not so stabil.
    tugas kita utk beri yg terbaik.

  11. Akak pernah pakai jenama ni. Cuci botol, puting, buah dan sayuran sekali harung. Senang. Hehehehe.

  12. bestnya baby sleek nie...serba bole...jadi tentu menjimatkan.

  13. Elok ada produk pencuci yg selamat utk kita guna firdtly utk baby

  14. Serius boleh basuk sayuran?..bagus lah kalo mcm tu produk baby ni...kalo mcm tu xde baby pn kita boleh gunakan utk kegunaan harian...nk cari laa sabun ni...thanks mira...

  15. kita geng.. akak pun guna sleek untuk cuci toys dan botol susu. sayuran pulak tengok rajin la hihihi actually bagus jenama sleek sebab tiada bahan chemical yang merbahayakan anak-anak

  16. Ehhh, tak tahu pula boleh guna cuci sayuran sekali ye..
    Tapi kalau guna untuk cuci botol susu tu memang sangat penting rupanya kan..
    Maksudnya perlukan pencuci botol susu kalau anak kita menyusu menggunakan botol..

  17. untuk barangan baby seperti botol susu atau cawan atau mangkuk, TB ,memang selalu gunakan cecair pencuci yang khas macam ni.. tapi jenama lain.. baru tahu ada jenama sleek ni.. boleh lah try nanti.

  18. Ni memang bagus untuk cuci alat alat anak kecil, sebab dia orang suka masuk semua benda dalam mulut jadi kena pasti kan semua bersih.

  19. boleh nanti beli sabun serbaguna ni...bukan je boleh basuh brangan bayi, boleh juga guna pada sayuran...thanks for info


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