05 December 2019

Here's another indoor playground you could look forward too in Selangor. I bet most of you heard of Kidzoona already, they have a lot of branches here in Malaysia and all of them are created similarly but they are all not the same. Their latest branch opened in Central i-City Shah Alam which may probably one of their biggest I think. Keep on reading to know more about this.
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Kidzoonia is mostly found in malls which is great as sometimes it's convenient for the parents as well. Parents like myself for an instant because I'll be able to get a treat for myself after too. Lol... If you get what I mean. Anyhow this is just gonna be a simple post so you can get an idea how the place looks like, the pricing and also my thoughts on this place.

Kidzoonia Central i-City is located at level 4 of the mall, which is just beside TGV. (Take the glass lift at the center of the mall, straight up to level 4 and you'll see it on your right).

Before you head to the counter, there's a mini table right beside it. Go there first and take a form provided then fill it up. Then only go to the counter to make payment. They'll also take a photo of you and your toddler for their record which I have no idea why.

Important note: Bring your own socks
Anyone who goes in are required to wear socks, you can't enter without them.
They do sell socks which is RM3 for a pair which is not worth it. They sell those cheap school socks which are white on top and black at the foot. Lol... haha... I know I'm very peculiar about this.

So as soon as you enter, you'll be directed to the shoe area where you can put your shoes and also your stroller. It's good they provided a stroller section at this branch, some branches don't allow strollers in. I'll be very uneasy when I leave something of my belongings unattended in a public area, even if its a stroller. So yeah... Definitely, love, they considered space for strollers too.

So when you walk in, the pool ball with a floating slide will catch your attention first since it's huge at the corner. They even added extra slides which should be good since weekends might be crowded with kids. Their pool ball area is definitely bigger than their branch in Aeon Shah Alam.

They also have a section for sensory playing which is mostly the same toys found in their other branches. This section is also big and spacious making it comfortable for kids.

They also had an area for smaller babies which should be suitable for babies below 1-year-old. It's just beside the waiting area for parents to lounge and charges their phones. 

1 Child: 
Weekday: RM25 
Weekend: RM35
(Parents are free)
Additional socks: RM4
Child and adult must wear

Yes, the pricing here is expensive than the other branches most probably because they offer more stuff in here and is bigger.

Tip: Purchase tickets online, the cheapest I selling tickets is Traveloka. Klook and also other websites also offer tickets at a lesser price.

What is a bit different for this branch is that it has its own party room, which I'm aware that they do offer birthday packages to rent out the room for a private party there. I'm not really sure about the pricing though.

Overall, my son did enjoy his play station here, we went in 2 times, a morning session and an afternoon session. I was stuck in there for a day watching over him play but I kept thinking I should make the RM25 worth it. LOL... It's quite pricey and I really don't feel it has much excitement compared to Kiddytopia in Aeon Mall Nilai. That one is pricey, has quite a small space but it has tunnels, slides, cartoon sections and so much more. Even I had fun in there. I've shared Insta Stories on this place before.

Anyhow this place is still recommended for once in a while visit. I honestly recommend weekdays if you can. Weekdays are swarming with people and kids, I can't breathe (introvert me) and it's more comfortable for kids to play too.

Till then peeps!

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