Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Gift Box From Signature Market Review

27 November 2020 Malaysia

Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Gift Box Review

If you haven't heard of Plant Origins yet I bet you must have heard of Signature Market right? Well Plant Origins is from the same company, but instead focusing on healthy snacks, Plant Origins gives you the taste of essential oils. I know many of you have heard about essential oils before but have you tried it yet? It's a bit costly isn't it? Well for those who have been longing to try essential oils, take a look at Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Gift Box because I feel like this set is just nice as a starter kit. Keep on reading to know more.

Signature Market Malaysia just 2 new gift box from Plant Origins. Their Good Night Sleep Aromatherapy Gift Box and Refresh & Reset Aromatherapy Gift Box. I received their Good Night Sleep Gift Box to try our and I'm honestly amazed. I however am not new to essential oils though, I've been into essential oils since early this year and ever since including essential oils in my life, I've been able to control my mood swings and it's seriously just so pleasing to scent a very calming scent. It really helps drive focus.

However, I've only recently tried Plant Origins products since last week so let me get back to you on how I feel about their products. First of all, let's take a look what's inside the box:

  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Room Spray, 100
  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend, 10ml
  • Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Roller, 10ml
  • Plant Origins Portable Diffuser
  • Plant Origins Silk Sleep Mask 

Plant Origins Review

The Plant Origins brand is among Signature Markets best sellers. Their essential oils and diffusers are quite popular in the Malaysian market as it's among the affordable brands that offer essential oils and diffusers of good quality. Honestly this is my first time using Plant Origins even though I've heard about it for quite sometime already.

My first thought as opening their Good Night Sleep Box was that how cool was this set and it retails way more cheaper than other brands in the market. I'm only familiar with essential oils that are dropped in the diffuser so I was pretty excited with the roller and the room spray in the gift box.


The gift box includes a portable diffuser review, this is my review on Plant Origins Signature Market diffuser. Since it's a portable diffuser it's mini and of course you can't expect it to last long. The diffuser alone retails at RM90 but honestly I feel it's worth its discounted price now which is about RM39. There is no issue with the diffuser, it's very cute and it does diffuse scent which could cover a small room. What I love the most about is it's changing lights when turned on. The drawbacks of it is that it has a short wire and the cable must always be plugged for it to turn on. So it isn't really that portable if you don't have a plug around, but you can easily use a powerbank for the source of power.

Essential Oils

My review for Plant Origins essential oils is that it's worth the try. The gift box only included one type of full bottle of essential oil in its range that is their good night sleep. I have no complain of the scent as it does exactly as its name. The calming and relaxing scent just drives you away easily into dreamland. 

Of course Plant Origins has different types of essential oils you could look forward too such as lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil but that's all sold separately found in their website.

Aromatheraphy Room Spray

Love this! It's a quick solution to calm down. I love using this when I need a break off work. The scent instantly calms me down but only for a few minutes though. The scent doesn't last long and it doesn't cover the whole room. The scent may be able to last longer in an air-conditioned room but in room temperature, its good for a minute or two. Better use their diffuser if you want a longer run in the scent.

The Good Night Sleep Gift box only provides 1 full size of Plant Origins aromatheraphy room spray which is the scent 'good night sleep'. However, signature market did include additional trial gift box to try so I was able to scent another 4 different scents they offer which are:

  • Good Night Sleep
  • Refresh & Reset (Smells sweet citrus)
  • Secret Garden (Soft and calming)
  • Bye-Bye Bugs (Strong scent of lemongrass)
  • French Lavender (soft and calming)

Where To Get Plant Origin

You can check out Signature Market on their website of on Shopee, but Plant Origin is only sold in their website for now.

The Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Gift Box retails RM600 but currently their on promo for RM150 only! So if you're looking into trying essential oils in your daily life, I suggest you to grab this promo now.

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