Play Solitaire & Other Classic Games For FREE Online

Where can I play solitaire online for free? Where can I play classic online games for free? If you're searching for these answers, you can head down to

I  discovered recently and now I'm on it almost every day. It reminded me back during my teenage days when I first experienced technology a.k.a 'the computer', the Solitare game was my first ever favourite computer game. I spent hours playing that game before, and when the internet made its way in my life, I somehow forgot about it. And now, after over 2 decades, I discovered back memory lane, and now I'm obsessed. I hardly play games anymore because most games nowadays are just stressful for me, but when I started playing Solitare again, I almost forgot that I'm married and have a kid to take care of. LOL...

It's been almost a month since I've discovered this website and now it kinda has become a daily thing. Below is an idea of the kind of games you can expect from game

There are 7 different categories of main games you can choose from:

  • Solitare (
  • Card (
  • Mahjong (
  • Hidden Objects (
  • Match 3 (
  • Logic Puzzles (
  • Words (

Each main category has more games under them, but their best games are easily accessible at their menu bar. You can explore their menu bar first if you're planning to play all the games on this site. It'll certainly take you more than a day to explore all the games on this website as it has quite a number of games to choose from. Most of them are classic games which I bet most of you are already familiar with.

As I mentioned above, I'm not really the kind of person who is into games but I do sometimes enjoy playing classic games. I'm an old soul I guess, but honestly, I'm not pretty good at them either. I only know how to play a few. While I took my time to explore the website, I found that carries a lot of classic games that I don't even know how to play. But that did not seem like an obstacle as the best thing about is that not only that it's Ads FREE, it also comes with instruction on how to play each game. I never knew how to play Mahjong before, but I kinda learned how to play here, just that I still am bad at it. 

This website seems to be really addicting since I've been checking in here daily ever since. Every time I'm on my laptop, I tend to give this site a visit for a few minutes before I go back to work. So let me share with you guys, my TOP 3 Favourite Games here, so you could try them too.

1. Solitare

You can expect Solitare is a must as that's the name of the website and of course it has a number of choices to choose from too.

  • Classic
  • Klondike
  • Spider
  • Freecell
  • Pyramid

Their basic Solitaire games are on the menu bar, but if you're looking for more card games you can find loads at You'll see a long list of Solitare games which you may not even hear before. But don't worry if you don't know how to play, each game has instructions below.

To be frank, I'm not really the explorer so I didn't go through the list of card games this website has to offer since the list is super long it's like I'll be running a marathon. I like sticking to what I know and that's the classic Solitaire game which I could go on playing for hours. I used to be super good with this game before but now I'm having a hard time winning a game. So I guess that's the reason why I've been glued to this game for hours, it's triggering me. LOL...  I need to win!

2. Hidden Objects

The games in this category have a number of choices to choose from too:

  • Castle
  • China
  • Circus
  • Garden
  • Hotel
  • Kitchen
  • Pirate
  • Princess
hidden objects games

I have always loved these kinds of games that need to find hidden objects. It's like I'm taking practise lessons to sharpen my eyes. I've always had sharp eyes, well most people say I do when I wear my glasses of course. LOL... It's a joke! I've always managed to spot things quickly so these kinds of games are surely fun for me. So far, I've tried all the games offered under the hidden objects category and I can say I love the castle game the most.

Basically, all of the games under this category is the same, you'll just have to find hidden things that are required. The Castle games require looking for numbers, which I find so easy to spot because when I see a number I know it's correct. So I find it to be relaxing. While the rest of the games in this category requires finding images, the exact one to be specific, so it requires more focus to play.

So probably that's why I keep on turning to the castle game because I can just play without thinking or focusing much. It's a really good game to play when I'm stuck with ideas for work and I need a short break. This game has levels, but even though you don't have to create an account, every time you open back the browser, you can continue back to the level you were. It's only possible if you use the same device though. I've been playing these games like one game each time I play, just for a short break and back to work.

3. Word Games

  • Crossword
  • Word Search
  • Logic Letter
  • Letter Scramble
  • Wordoku
Words games online free

Honestly, I'm so bad at word games, I'm just lazy to think. But at a certain time, I feel like my brain does need a bit of exercise so my option to choose is word games. But the only games I like playing in this category is Word Search and Letter Scramble because it's easy.  Letter Scramble seems the most fun one for me because sometimes I just randomly create a word that I don't even know exists, but it does! So this is definitely interesting.

Above are my Top 3 Game Categories that I love but there are just so many more games to explore, so I think you'll find this website addicting too. What I love most about this website is that is a FREE website and it has NO ADS too! It's hard to find a website that is fully free from Ads, even my website contains Ads. I've tried a few other game websites that offer free Solitaire games, but the Ads pop-ups were so annoying, so I couldn't even play until. The website speed is also fast, and game loads don't take much time too. You guys should definitely check out