Best Places to Pursue a Professional Career in New England

Professional Career
Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

If you have just completed your education or are looking for a place to relocate to launch or further your career, there are so many amazing options in New England. When you think of New England, you probably even think of the seriousness of the residents and the professional hustle.

As a professional looking for a place to plant roots and to find your career path, think about the job opportunities and opportunities for growth in each city you research. If you are in the process of planning your move to New England, consider the following cities as top options for pursuing a professional career:


Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, and is actually the third most populated city in New England, making it a prime spot to pursue a professional career. Another great bonus for career growth in Providence is the fact that the city houses eight hospitals and eight colleges and universities.

In fact, the top five employers in Providence are all hospitals and universities. So if your career path involves healthcare or higher education, Providence is a top pick. However, Providence does have a very diverse economy, which also features trade, transportation, and utilities. 

Providence’s location at the mouth of the Providence River makes it a prime location for trade and associated business. There are certainly many options for pursuing a variety of careers in The Creative Capital


Worcester is about 40 miles west of Boston and located near the center of Massachusetts. It is the second most populous city in New England, and again, this offers incredible career opportunities. Its location provides many opportunities for employment in government and transportation, since it is the center of the state, and, like Providence, it is also home to eight colleges and universities, providing higher education career opportunities.

Top employers in the area are in healthcare, including insurance companies, and higher education. However, Worcester also has an expanding technology job market. If any of these industries sounds like a possibility in the trajectory of your career path, there are ample Worcester apartments for rent.

New Haven   

New Haven, Connecticut can actually be considered an extension of the New York City area, since so many people make the daily commute for work. So technically, New Haven has all of the expansive career options that come with New York City.

However, New Haven has some amazing career opportunities all on its own. Like Providence and Worcester, the main employers in the area are healthcare and higher education (New Haven is home to Yale University, after all). 

There are also many other sectors of the economy to consider in New Haven, including professional services (like marketing), financial services, and retail. There is an abundance of opportunities for pursuing your career path in New Haven.

Obviously, another top choice for pursuing your professional career would be Boston and all the perks of a major city that come with it. Providence, Worcester, and New Haven are also top contenders in New England for cities in which to pursue your career path.