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08 March 2020


I tergerak hati nak tulis post ni sebab sejak ramai yang nampak perubahan hidup I dekat Instagram. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I sekarang berkecimpung dalam bidang hartanah. Ramai yang tanya kenapa masuk hartanah? Dulu belajar lain, lepas tu masa awal-awal kerja pun bidang lain. Then nak jadi suri-rumah, dah tak tahan jadi suri rumah, bila mula kerja balik terus tukar bidang kerja. Kenapa? Senang sangat ke nak jadi agen hartanah ni? Hehe... Jawapannya, YES! Tapi... Tapi... tak semudah itu. Nanti I cerita more on this dekat bawah, so kalau nak tahu teruskan membaca.

06 February 2020


Hey peeps and Assalamualaikum,
I adalah ex-student UiTM dalam jurusan Diploma in Art Managements Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik (TEKA) Kampus Puncak Alam. Dah lama sangat graduate sebenarnya, dah dekat 10 tahun. Tujuan I tulis post ni sebab walaupun dah lama graduate, ramai yang masih DM tanya mengenai jurusan ni. Kadang-kadang sampai tak terlarat nak jawab, mungkin sebab korang terjumpa blogpost lama-lama I masa zaman belajar dalam carian google. Waktu tu I baru buat blog, so banyak experience peribadi I tulis yang melibatkan aktiviti yang I lalui di UiTM Puncak Perdana dulu. So kalau you guys nak tahu serba sedikit mengenai jurusan Pengurusan Seni ni boleh teruskan membaca, tapi I tak pastilah kalau apa yang diajar masih sama macam waktu I belajar dulu.

22 March 2018


Hey peeps, some of you may have known that I worked for Althea Korea and hearing the news that I resigned from this company might have shocked you as some have approached me asking why. For those who are new here, Althea is an online shopping platform where you could shop authentic Korean products which ships them directly from Korea itself. Its been almost 2 years since I worked there as a Social Media Executive from a fresh grad until now, which the time has finally come for me to say goodbye. Which to my surprise seems to be shocking to some of you as you've seen my insta-stories where I mostly post about the things we roll there which looks like a dream job for everyone. So why did I leave all that when its so hard to find a job now, especially when I've found the perfect job which I know most of you are still struggling to find. Well here are the reasons.

26 April 2016


Good Morning peeps!
It's been a while since I sat down early in the morning to write out what I feel like writing. This made me remember during my diploma years where I will be the only one awake after subuh prayers accompanied by a dim study light at my table. I liked that feeling, it was peaceful and quite. I could hear the birds churping, the sound of the cieling fan and the clock ticking. It made me calm, especially from a high rise building I could see the sun rising. It was beautiful. I got most of my inspirations during that time. That was also the time that I could write and do my assignments.

22 June 2014

Ajlaa Village Hulu Langat

Well actually for this post I'm just thinking of uploading pictures of us there.
Anyways, for those of you who are in charge of clubs and finding a suitable place to do activities in a group I recommend you Ajlaa Village.
This private hideout is the best place if you wanna go back to nature. And its so comfortable.
You will be stunned expecting that there is a small place like this in the middle of the woods.

04 August 2013

Result Semester 1 Degree UiTM

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep at all. As usual, when results are about to come out, I can't seem to stay calm. I really worry to much, and it makes it worst since UiTM results are sent by email at the middle of the night.
At the night of results, twitter will be swarming with post like, "berdebar-debar", "takutnya..." or "result nak keluar, tak tenang!", some sort like that, and I'll be more nervous when after 12am, one by one will start tweeting, 'Allhamdulillah', 'Syukur', 'Kecewa', 'Memang dah agak, salah aku juga', 'Punah Harapan', and a lot more. At that time I'll get more and more frustrated cause I usually get my email late than others. I won't be able to sleep at all and keep on refreshing my inbox and spam folder. Thank god this time I don't have to wait in front of the computer anymore.
This time, everyone's email came in late, so I thought maybe I'll just take a short nap since it was already 2am and nobody seemed to receive any email. Then I heard mum's voice waking me, 'bangun sahur', and I was like mamai and said 'jangan tutup internet', sambil mencapai tab and with those sleepy eyes I opened my email.
Ok, dah masuk.. Jap jap... I went to the toilet to wash my face first, eventhough mata dah segar bugar, capai cermin mata and grabbed back my tab.
The result was like this

My eyes went straight to the grades first, didn't dare to look at the CGPA, so I looked at the grades, there were no C's. Allhamdulillah, no C's, I thought I was gonna have a lot of that, but I got B's. So there still was a chance. SO I moved my eyes little by little to the CGPA and it stated 3.56!
As usual as I achieve my target I'll scream wohooooooooooooooooo!!! Melompat-lompat lari ke mak tunjuk result, mak like usual, kalau dah tengok macam tu, mak dah faham la. If not I'll be crying and sobbing and whinning with my results, so if I've put on a happy face, lega la hati mak. haha..

Since it was 5am, I didn't show it to dad until 8am that morning. I was hoping for a better response, but as usual I won't get that from dad. '56 je? huhh..' ok tu je response dia, dari dulu la macam tu walau bagus mana pun result aku, so dah biasa. Just hoping that I can keep this up every semester so that I can get Anugerah Naib Canselor (ANC) and dapat pakai selempang masa graduation nanti. I wanna see what dad will response too on that day. Just hope that I can make them proud one day, tak sia-sia duit my parent hantar pergi belajar without any scholarship.

Talking about scholarship, anyone knows how and which scholarship can apply to?

Okay back to my results, as you can see I got a lot of B's. For Cultural Anthropology, my carry marks were really bad, nearly to fail, but I passed for my finals, eventhough I studied last minute, allhamdulillah, I received the grade I targeted. For photography, I was hoping for an A, but still maybe my pictures were so last minute so, what to do.

Apart from that, what I'm most shocked of are my drawing results, Visual Language and Drawing and Observation, these 2 subjects are art subjects where I have to do art. Talking about arts, I did have some basic before but not the kind of basic where I was good at it. I was awful at it, but then I tried and tried, I almost gave up since I got low marks on my early assignments. It kept me worried about my marks for the finals, since these 2 subjects has the highest credit hours and its all based on skills.

What I learned for art is it is not simply based on the skills but also the brains. If you use both, the artwork will somehow work. seriously it does since I did that for my last couple of assignments to gain back the low marks are received earlier that semester. I did struggle a lot and most of the time I almost wanted to straggle myself due to the pressure of piled work. I bared it since I call mum every night and she makes me remember my aim.

Overall degree is more tougher and lonelier than I expected. Its like forever alone there since there is too much work, that's why during my finals I studied last minute, I wanted to release my pressure and my stress with the projects earlier. I had 3 final papers and all 3 I started to study just a day before the exam. Betullah cakap orang, study smart, don't study hard.

Anyways, bersyukur sangat-sangat with my results, couldn't have wished better. Hope next semester I could improve more and maybe think of a better learning method there. I should try to adapt to the new enviroment and also the new style at a new faculty. I so living in the past I think.

So guys wish me luck!
Btw, I was so busy before that I didn't update a post about my Graduation day that happened months ago.
Maybe I'll make a post soon.
Till then, bye peeps!!


01 February 2013

I'm a Student Again

Morninggggggggg.. Assalamualaikum fellow blog readers.
Hey Hey Hey, good news

Alahamdulillah, dapat juga tawaran Ijazah Sarjana Muda di UiTM. Memang kali ni harap pemilihan course yang aku pilih betul. Aku betul-betul harap kali ini memang bidang inilah yang akan aku buat kerjaya nanti. Sekarang ni memang nampak minat aku ke arah designing, lagipun dari kecik pun aku memang suka buat perkara-perkara yang kreatif ni.

I'm no so sure the specifications of printing course but what I'm sure off is that we will have to learn how to design. So maybe that's just a step to see either I'm able to do seriously or not.

Masa mohon dulu belah bagi antara nak ambil Graphic Design ataupun Printing. Jenuhlah tanya rakan-rakan yang ambil AD dekat UiTM. Katanya dua-dua course ni hampir sama je. So since hampir sama je, aku fikir pula tempat belajar. Katanya posibility kalau ambil Graphic Design maybe akan tercampak ke Negeri lain.

Ouhhhh noooo... Tak mungkin, kalau dia masa masuk diploma dulu memanglah mengaharap nak ke negeri lain. Tapi sekarang ni dah selesa duduk dekat Shah Alam ni, kira-kira dah dekat 3 tahunlah jadi orang Shah Alam. Tambah pula dekat aktiviti-aktiviti blogging, lagilah aku sayang nak tinggalkan Shah Alam ni.

So, in the end ambil keputusan untuk mohon printing, dengan yakinnya tak akan tinggalkan Shah Alam, so since kerja dekat Subang, dengan yakinnya cari rumah dekat dengan UiTM Shah Alam, kononnya senanglah nanti dah masuk belajar tak payah nak pindah randah dah. Lebih-lebih lagi bila dah nak masuk belajar, confirm penyewa-penyewa rumah akan naikkan harga rumah sewa. And kebetulan ada pula satu rumah ni memang tengah cari penyewa, and memang perfect timing masa tu.

So now, I am so comfortable here and then I get an offer saying that my main campus is at UiTM Puncak Alam. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??????? Then I need to move again, seriously tak nak! Nak duduk hostel, dah degree memang kena duduk luar. Uhhhhh.. So aku buat keputusan, nanti dululah fikir. Cause campus sementara masih dekat UiTM Shah Alam. So ada masa lagi nak fikir, and buat keputusan bila dah tengok keadaan nanti.

Walaupun UiTM Puncak Alam masih dalam selangor, but still jauh dari Seksyen 7, nak ke UiTM Puncak Perdana dulu pun dah dikira juah, ni lagilah ke Puncak Alam dekat ceruk sana. Haihhhh..

Seriously, nak pindah ke rumah lain, memang dah tak ada niat langsung. Rumah yang sekarang ni dah cukup selesa dengan fasiliti, housemates, dan wifi pun dah pasang under nama aku pula. Nampak tak bertapa beratnya keadaan nak pindah ni, tambah lagi rumah ni aku boleh bawa kucing since dekat rumah ni memang bela kucing.

Urghhh... Seriously, please please please la, tolonglah tukar campus bila aku dah tamat degree, or during my last semester ke. HAHA... Berangan lebih.

Anyways, bersyukur sangat sekarang ni dah dapat offer belajar. Harap-harap nanti dah sambung belajar, sharpen sikit skills bolehlah cari-cari duit sambilan design untuk orang. Wohoaa.. Banyak dah comitment sejak hidup sorang ni.

Sooooo.. UiTM Shah Alam and Puncak Alam just wait for me

p/s: Kucing baru saya nama dia Gary, dan mak tiri dia suruh saya tulis dekat blog ni untuk kata dia comel. Cehhhh.. LOL 

16 November 2012

Rezeki, Allhamdulillah

Setelah genap sebulan aku berkebun tanam anggur di rumah, Allhamdulillah akhirnya aku ditawarkan aktiviti yang boleh mendatangkan duit. KERJA

Nampak tak muka kemain excited tu sampai siap cari rumah sewa dekat Seksyen 7 konon-kononnya untuk kerja lepas tu direct sambung ke degree. Kononnya la, aku tak tahu jadi ke tidak rancangan tu. Jadi sekarang menetaplah aku di Krystal Heights Shah Alam.

Al begini la kisahnya macam mana aku nak dapatkan kerja. Disebabkan aku ni begitu demanding dalam pemilhan kerja kali ini, menganggur la aku sekian lama. Hanya disebabkan ego yang kononnya aku dah tamat Diploma jadi nak cari pekerjaan yang kiranya worth it la dengan Diploma aku yang aku bagai nak pecah kepala melayan selama dua tahun ni.

Sejak diperkenalkan dengan Jobstreet sejak setahun lalu, aku akhirnya daftar dengan jobstreet untuk mencari kerja kosong. Hampir 17 application aku apply lalu Jobstreet dan banyak lagi lalu email. So nampaklah bertapa desperatenya aku nak kerja kan? 

Allhamdulillah, hari pertama aku apply kerja dekat Jobstreet esoknya aku dapat offer untuk interview. Haha.. Powerrr tak? Cehhh.. Sebab resume kot

Kenapa blurr? Gila ke aku nak kasi details aku free2 kat public.Tapi secara kasar macam inilah rupernyerr resume yang aku buat.

Resume ni pun sebenarnya adalah jugak serabutkan kepala otak aku, cause aku apply untuk dua field iatu creative dan admin. Memang beza gila dua-dua bidang ni sampai nak buat resume pun payah sama ada nak buat formal ataupun informal sebab nak tunjuk bakat kreativiti. Akhirnya aku pilih untuk tunjuk bakat dalam kreativiti dan terhasillah resume di atas, dan aku pun tibailah mohon kerja daripada dua-dua bidang.

Keseluruhan tawaran interview yang aku dapat adalah 5, ada 2 interview yang aku tak tunjuk muka. Dalam dua-dua bidang aku mohon dan dalam dua-dua bidang aku dipanggil interview.

Interview pertama aku gagal, entah kenapa aku tak rasa gementar langsung untuk interview tu. Lek lek je masa orang tu intervew aku.
Interview kedau aku tak tunjuk muka, entah kenapa hati aku rasa berat sangat nak pergi. Rasa lain macam sangat.
Interview ketiga aku berjaya sampai peringkat interview yang ketiga untuk company tu. Then bila interview dengan orang paling atas dia cerita pasal contract dan agreement yang perlukan bayar denda kalau tak lepas training, I freaked out! Bagus jugak aku fail interview last tu sebab aku takut aku kena buru dengan Dr Panglima kalau aku fail training company tu.

Kecewa, serious kecewa sebenarnya dan frustnya tak payah ceritalah bila baca twitter kawan-kawan menyumpah seranah betapa penatnya kerja diaorang and so on dan aku kat sini masih terkangkang-kangkang depan PC menaikkan bil elektrik.

Dalam kepala dah berangan nak beli macam-macam, tapi dalam poket, habuk je ada, kertasnya dah melayang.

Aku kuatkan diri jugak, apply lagi 2, 3 vacancy dekat jobstreet tu. Allhamdulillah aku dapat dua panggilan interview, pada hari yang sama cuma jarak masa beza setengah jam, sama dengan jarak tempat interview hampir setengah Shah Alam.

Entah kenapa hati aku berkobar-kobar nak pergi syarikat yang jauh sikit dari Shah Alam ni. Serious, macam instinct mengatakan 'pergilah demi kebaikan kau' cehhhh...

Yang interview lagi satu tu, hati aku kata, kalau sempat pergilah. Serious jangan contohi aku.

Anyways... Untuk interview itu entah kenapa bila aku dah sampai sana jantung aku berdebar gila, serious gila berdebar padahal aku tak pernah rasa takut sangat bila interview, sampai lidah aku kelu, otak aku beku.

Interview yang itu aku lepas semua stage, then dalam dua tiga jam lepas tu aku dapat panggilan daripada company tu kata aku diterima kerja.

Gila weh, pagi tadi aku ke Syarikat tu untuk ambil offer letter, tetiba ada pop quiz engish dengan math. Engilsh tu aku boleh terima lagi, ini math. Wehh.. Otak aku ni dengan nombor dah berkarat, 2 tahun tanpa nombor, bahagianya hidup tetiba muncul pulak soalan nombor, puas aku cuba letak minyak peluntur dekat otak.

Rezeki, Allhamdulillah aku diberi peluang untuk mendapatkan rezeki. Serious aku hargai sangat-sangat sebab aku dah rasa betapa susahnya nak dapatkan kerja bagi orang yang begitu demand. Aku harap cerahlah masa depan aku dengan adanya pengalaman kerja di sini dalam resume terbaru aku nanti.

Doakan untuk aku ea..


09 November 2012


Allhamdulillah, setelah dua tahum setengah menuntut di UiTM Puncak Perdana akhirnya aku tamat juga pengajian Diploma Pengurusan Seni di Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik (TEKA), opppsss, maksud aku Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi (FiTA).

Sejujurnya aku masih todak boleh terima nama fakulti aku yang baru, gambar di atas merupakan gambar aku masa semester satu dahulu dan ketika itu nama fakulti masih kekal sebagai Fakulti Teknologi Kreatif dan Artistik, walaupun ia hanya nama tapi pada kami nama itu sangat melambangkan identiti kami sebagai pelajar seni.

16 October 2012

Pre Graduation Night TEKA July Intake 2010

Sooooo... What do you guys think of the design above? This is my first time designing for an event and it was really spontaneous. Since Pre Graduation Night was our last event together I wanted to contribute something to my batch and so I made covers for the door gifts. That included my housemates also, Aisyah Tarmizi, Farah Fadhilah, Daniella Ballan, Deana Ishak and not forgetting the important person to this event, Alee Isa.

13 October 2012

End of Diploma

It makes me sad to say yeayyy when Diploma is finally over, I hope I get great grades but somehow I feel sad that all of this is over.  Is it normal or am I just over reacting?  Well every beginning has an ending. Throughout diploma I had my ups and downs, I laughed, shouted, had cat fights and entertained myself with all the drama. Back then I hoped that Diploma could finish in a blink of an eye. Now since it's already finished I feel sad to leave what is left behind.

I really am gonna miss this moment. See if you can spot me though. This is the whole batch that is filled with awesome people. I might not have been close to everyone but I knew all of you, well mostly that came that night.

I'm not gonna talk about Malam Pra Graduan Dinner, I just wanted to share with you guys that I already finished my Diploma and I'm taking a new step for my future.

Anyways, wish me luck.

04 September 2012

Teater Lagenda

Teater Lagenda, sebuah lagi projek Fakulti Filem, Teater dan Animasi daripada UiTM Puncak Perdana.
Bagi pelajar Diploma semester akhir jurusan seni pengurusan, mereka wajib mengadakan satu pementasan teater bagi penilaian akhir mereka.

Untuk semester kami, kami telah memilih untuk mementaskan 4 buah cerita hasil daripada karya Tan Sri P. Ramlee yang telah diberi nafas baru dalam bentuk pementasan pentas.

Antara cerita yang akan dipentaskan adalah Musang Berjanggut, Ibu Mertuaku Episode 1, Keluarga 69 dan Ali Baba Bujang Lapok. 

22 July 2012

Buntalians from Kampung Buntal

Buntalians from Kampung Buntal?
Ada eh Kampung tu kat Malaysia ni?
khekhekhe.. itulah nama kampung kami untuk program Reinvention pelajar semester 1.
Apa itu program Reinvention, you guys can check out blog Timbalan Pengarah kami untuk program tersebut that is Aleena Isa.

Anyways back to the Buntalians. They are actually my juniors from my group with  Atikah Ahamd, Eyqa RazakIezah Diyana, and Efan Arif, there actually there are a lot more but we were the ones that usually show up.

15 July 2012

Reinvetion & Apa Khabar Orang Kampung Performance Night

Hellllloooooooooooooo dan Assalammualaikum semua para pembaca blog ini.
Alright peeps, I know its been a while since I posted anything here. Been so busy lately.
So the last couple of weeks I've been busy with my juniors trying to get them prepared for last week's performance.

What performance?
So FYI guys, those who wanna be a part of Faculty Film, Theater & Animation (FiFTA) or originally Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology (FACT) will have to join this program called Induction generally. Usually every semester the name will change according to the Part 5 students who are in charge to coordinate this program.

So for this semester, our program was called Reinvention and the theme for the Performance Night was Apa Khabar Orang Kampung. Cool right? The part 5 students will do all their best to help the part 1 students how to adapt in out community.

So for today's post is just a short post on what happened during the whole process

I bet these kids will remember this song till they have grandchilds cause I know I will. It was really a great experience. I know my face never turned up in the video, cause I was the one busy taking pictures since I was one of the multimedia crew with Jeycob. But still, Induction will forever be something sweet.

So for the performance night, here is just a little something to show.

Wait for my next post and I'll introduce to you the BUNTALIANS!
Till then
Bye peeps
Happy Peeping!


02 July 2012

Induction FFTA

I know.. I know.. Baru sekarang aku nak muncul update blog kan?
Huhuhu.. Sorry readers.. Nak kata busy sangat xadalah, just masa update aku telah dicuri minggu ni untuk memberi ruang kepada program induksi.
Aku kena induct sekali lagi ..

12 June 2012

Semester 5

Yeayyyyyy... Final semester has finally come
I'm a senior now
HAHA.. seniorla sangat, orang tengok aku macam budak-budak lagi

So this semester is really important
The last valuation for me to go to degree
This semester I got a showcase upcoming
And I'm so nervous

I came back to UiTM Puncak Perdana 2 days before registration
I was the first one home

Knock knock
Whos there?
Only Me

See.. berdebu gila rumah.. Aku sakit jiwa dibuatnya.. So gigihla aku beli mop, mop lantai kasi bersih

This is my room
The upper bunk
The best place to sleep
I mean it, never want to leave that bed

And of course the most important place during my studies
My study table
Mostly me at that chair all the time

Anyways, just a short post today
Haven't met my classmates yet, so no pictures
Maybe soon to update 


27 May 2012

Ibu Mertuaku Coming Soon

Ibu Mertuaku bakal tiba
Berdebar-debar rasanya diri
Takut dan seram sejuk pun ada ni

Apa yang korang fikirkan ni haaaaa?

Sebenarnya aku maksudkan sebuah projek yang diusahakan oleh IMMAN a.k.a adik beradik puncak aku.
Ibu Mertuaku merupakan teater yang kami usahakan untuk dipersembahkan kepada orang ramai untuk final projek kami iatu diploma showcase yang akan diadakan sekitar bulan September nanti.

27 April 2012

Results Semester 4

As usual, every semester I will share my results with you guys
So here it is

If you click on the label About Me below, you will be able to see all of my previous results from semester 1. Its kinda sad this semester for me since I was hoping to stay on the dean's list till I graduate.
 For me its really heartbreaking, seeing my results like this
Well, I can't deny this semester is a tuff one with most of the subjects group work. I'm not really that good on group work so maybe this is what I deserve.
This semester was my worse anyways so kinda expected the results to be like this but I was still hoping deep down inside that the worse I could get was 3.5/
Some people may not know why I am so fussy about my results, some people say, bersyukurlah apa yang dapat, perkara dah berlaku pun. Yeahh. I know, its the pass already. But is that the reason why I can't be sad?
I've been like this since school, and every time I don't get what I target I'll cry my lungs out. Yeah.. crying doesn't give me what I wants but it lets out all the pain flow.
Well, even now I'm updating this blog with a running nose dan mata yang sangat sembab. I just can't help it.
I worked hard this semester, I pushed my butt of to get things done perfectly but at the end of the semester I just lost hope. I got so tired and frustrated and spent most of time crying in bed, and I knew I would be crying again when my results come out. And yes I did.
I still haven't shown dad yet, just don't feel like it yet. My head is so messed up right now.
But still I accept what I get..


02 December 2011

Semester 4

Assalamualaikum readers. Its been really a while since I updated right? So its been two weeks already I've started my semester 4. And tomorrow will enter the third week. Still can't believe that I'm already in semester 4 and the next semester I'll be a senior and soon will leave Puncak Perdana. So I'm trying to enjoy my best here I as I still can.

I got nothing much to say cause there ain't any story yet that I can tell. Even I don't have a lot of pictures to show, so yaa.. I'm thinking that my blog is really turning out to be a textbook.

05 November 2011

Result Semester 3

Hey there dear readers, My results are finally out and this mean semester 3 has finally ended. I was damn nervous waiting for the email from UiTM. I couldn't focus on anything else. My email came a bit late cause most of the people from my twitter was already talking bout their results that made me much more nervous. Then around 3am in the morning I was at Mc Donalds Kajang with another two of my friends. What was I even doing there? I'll update a post on that after this one.

So back to the story, I was at Mc Donalds that time and then an email was sent to my blackberry and it was from UiTM.  It was a cold night and the chills of opening the results made me shaking. Then I opened it and stared at it for a while before started screaming.

 Tadaaaaaaaa..... My results is the number highlighted in yellow. Allhamdulilah I got into the dean list again. I'm really gratefull.
Last semester Results was great but this semester was even better.
Well this semester I showed my results personally to my dad and this semester he didn't have a specific word he said. he looked at it and gave me back the results.

I got a SMS from UiTM and it said that I was qualified to go to the PEERAPAN 
program and go straight to degree. when my dad knew about it he told me to take it but I was strictly objecting. I hope my dad don't force me to take it cause I'll start rebelling. I think I might. Well, its enough for having a diploma in Arts Management. For degree I want to focus on something more specific that I could have an aim on what career that I'll go for after that. Arts Management is fun and interesting but I don't think I can stand working late till morning always. Once in a while is acceptable but if almost everyday I can't accept. Past 12.00am my brain don't seem like its even functioning.

For now all I want is to finish my diploma. I'm working hard to aim 4flat and grad wearing a different robe colour. 

BTW, congrtas to all of my friends and fellow UiTM students who achieved flying colours for this semester. next semester lets try harder and and achieve better results. That's what I'm hoping for.

P/s: I'm proud of my to other brothers, Hamirul Afizi and also Nazli Nawi that achieved dean this semester.