Journey To The Lost World of Tambun by ETS

Hellooo dear blog readers! So how you guys doing today?
Its a Sunday and some of you might have wished to go on a holiday right?
But got no time? Whats the fust, just use your weekend.

Last week, I had all the joy in a weekend.
Thanks to The Butterfly Project I had a great getaway with all these pweetty ladies!

We went to The Lost World of Tambun and thanks to ETS we had a quick and safe trip there.
It was a really easy trip, I was from Klang, so I took the KTM from Klang to KL Sentral.
Then from KL Sentral I met up with all these butterflies to start our journey to the Lost World of Tambun.

Honestly that was actually my first time ever taking an ETS and I was kinda confused at first of the difference between ETS and also KTM. Cause all this time I've been always taking the KTM, so all trains I thought were called as KTM in Malaysia. So then I came to know that ETS is more for long journey rides and it was not disappointing.

When I first got my ticket I thought that it would be red just like KTM but it was in blue with details. As you can see our ticket fare was RM0.00 cause thanks to ETS, they sponsored our trip to Tambun.
We even had our own description, 'Bloggers Gateaway'.
Cool right?

So as usual, since it was my first experience I'll be so excited and my eyes will be all about and also did my camera. The railway was almost the same as KTM but the difference is its not to crowded and the train stops for some time.

Inside we were seated according to our tickets which is a total different from KTM. The seats were comfortable, the air conditioner was just nice and the best part it wasn't so packed. Plus we had mini tables just like in flights.

One of the representatives from ETS, he was funny, seemed that he was also excited as much as we were about our trip.

The journey to Ipoh took about 2 hours, the ride was smooth even though I was travelling seated backwards I didn't get a major headache. Thank god.
For me I actually really love travelling and also watch the scenery. The train was really comfy and I enjoyed much listening to my mp3 while looking outside. Makes me thing a lot about life and I enjoyed it till I thought to hours were not enough and we were already there.

As you see the white colonial building, it shows that you already arrived at Ipoh. Dad told me earlier about this place before I went, he had big memories there.

And when we arrived, there was already someone waiting to pick us up. Treated like a princess! LOL
Overall I really was satisfied with what the ETS offers and after this I surely would plan my trip by ETS. Its much more simpler and easier. Driving is exhausting.

So after that.. wait for part 2 and I'll share with you my Tambun experience.

Till then peeps


  1. glad you enjoyed the ride babe :)

  2. assalamualaikum mira. bestnya ETS. insyallah next time pegi Tambun dengan family naik ni juga. hehehehe :D

    1. Wasalam, ETS sangat senang kan, better rasanya daripada drive jauh2

  3. tringat zaman uni dulu, setiap kali datang KL mesti naik ETS from Batu Gajah station..

    1. Teringat zaman muda mudi la tu, ada kekasih lama ke dekat Batu Gajah? Hehe

  4. seronoknya dpt berjimba dgn blogger pg tambun..;)

  5. banyak borong biskut tambun tak tu

    1. Haha.. hari tu bawak RM10 je kak. Biasalah student

  6. Hi seat mate, too bad kite x sempat camwhore kat seat sama2 =(


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