Journey To The Lost World of Tambun Themeparks! (Part 2)

Hellooo Peeps,
So for those who have read Part 1 of my journey to The Lost World of Tambun, here's Part 2.

From station Ipoh we were then welcomed by two good looking guys from the Lost World of Tambun who picked us up by bus and headed our way to the Lost World! Wohooo.. I was so excited that I finally reached Perak for the first time.

When we arrived, we straight went to The Lost World of Tambun's main entrance. And was welcomed by gorgeous people from the Tambun team themselves. Awwww.. Felt so special for a sudden, even our bags were specially sent to the hotel while we headed straight for a good time!

In the middle of the jungle sets the Lost World of Tambun, and it felt good seeing the view there. But make sure you put on your sunblock cause its hot!  Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the survival kit, which I will post about it soon, that provided us with Sunblock!

So when we walked in, we had a glimpse on what was waiting for us and I couldn't wait to try it all out, but we already had plans that were already set for us. I was more excited cause I got to know that our first activity was lunch! Awesome.. We had lunch in a cave.

And inside was even awesome, since it was my first time in a cave.

In the cave we were welcomed and introduced by the Tambun team and also were told briefly of what waited for us during our journey there.

Hoho.. Then comes the best part! Fooooddd.. Totally loved it especially vegetables with cheese. Yummy

Then only after lunch, we started our adventure 

Excited faces when we were taken on a brief ride around the theme park
Okay, for those who don't know yet, The Lost World of Tambun has a total of 6 theme parks
Haaa?? Yesss.. To know what, let's hop to one of my old posts

So have anyone guessed which theme park was this picture taken?
Yess! The petting zoo.
And honestly, I say that the petting zoo was the most awesome that I have ever gone. The animals were really tame and we had a chance of our own to touch them.

There were snakes, even an anaconda

Turkey anyone?

The petting zoo was packed with animals

I especially loved the bird's section the most, cause there were many types of birds at one place and we had a chance to hold anyone of them.

Seriously I thought it was gonna poop on my head

Pika holding a peacock thought that its feathers were rough, but actually it was really soft. And looking up close at a real peacock made me so amazed. Here only in the petting zoo, they have over 500 birds from 18 species.

The parrots are fabulous, totally a social butterfly. They talk a lot, made us laugh and enjoyed watching them.

Did you guys know that this petting zoo area is set within a large area of 100,00 square feet framed by the lush rainforest backdrop of the Monkey Valley. 

Kids should be looking forward to this, cause they can have a chance to hold a guinea pig here.

Longkang Fishing? I also had a giggle reading this. They allow kids to catch little fish and there was one kid that was so excited catching fish that he himself went in the water. Thank god the water was shallow.

I personally loved the petting zoo, I had a chance to touch animals I've just seen on TV and it felt amazing to do so.

So next stop, guest where

Yupp.. it is The Tin Valley!
The motif of Tin Valley in Lost World of Tambun was to take their guest back to the past, a time where 'dulang washer' persistently works panning by the rivers to feed their family.

We were even given a demonstration on how they separated the tin and the sand using the dulang. And we also had a chance to try it out.

And these dear readers are one of the wonders of Tambun that's called The Needle of Tambun or known as the "Pencil Hill". 8-meters long deposited 260million years ago, this massive limestone is in vertical position allowing it to stay balanced and defy gravity.

After exploring two parks, we were exhausted and were treated with a cup of coffee and bread. 

Even the food made us recall back the old memories with our grandparents, its was really relaxing though
With the outstanding view, just loved it

And after that, then only did the real exploration begin. We were divided into groups and we had to go to places with clues that were given.

Meet my teammates, Innanie. Tammy. Ami and Caroline
All great bloggers that made me shyer to be in the same team as them.
But they were all awesome and Tammy was a really great team leader.

And their posing just in front of Tiger Valley where you guys will be able to meet  Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian. These Siberian Tigers do put up a good show.

The race was like craaazy. We were running, then jogging, then lastly walking till we managed to finish it.
And after all that, we finally headed down to the Lost World Hotel to refresh ourselves.

Not waiting any longer, after refreshing ourselves we went straight down again to enjoy the rest of the theme parks.

The Amusement Park
Not only would the kids love this but also the adults. Just look who's on it.

There were more to offer but I didn't have much time to explore everything, but still, I managed to have a ride on the roller coaster.

And the best part of coming to Tambun is, of course, the waterpark
River and Beach Garden where they have designed for an exciting adventure.

Another thing about the waterpark is that they have an Adventure River that was awarded by the Malaysian Book of Records as the 'Longest Man Made River'. Where you guys could just relax and float around in the 600-meter length river. Such a pity that I didn't have enough time to try that one out.
But I surely will do when I come again. Envoy those people that was floating through the river while I was busy running to complete the quest.

And the end for Part 2
The Journey to the Themeparks.

Wait for Part 3 then will you guys

General Facts About The Lost World of Tambun

1. Park Operating Hours
Monday - Friday : 11.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10.00am - 6.00pm
Park CLOSED every Tuesday except  during Malaysian School & Public holidays

2. Ticket Price
Adult: RM48.00 per person
Children: RM41.00 per person
Child below 90cm in height Free of Charge
Group package is available with a minimum number of 30 persons. (booking required)


Till then peeps!


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