Hot Springs & Spa The Lost World of Tambun (Part 3)

Good Day deary blog readers!
So today lets continue our Journey before to The Lost World of Tambun

This is the best part of the journey people

I surely had a lot of fun there, and of course it was relaxing as ever
Well before I go any further, since I was with The Butterfly Community, wait! Another shout out for 
The Butterfly Project for this awesome event!
So we were specially prepared that night with a BBQ dinner! Omaiiiii... *Drooling again

Pic Credit to IamStudio

Could you even resist?

Aaaaa.. Even more tempting right?

We had a lot of variety to choose from and I couldn't stop eating! 
(Konon nak cover tak adalah pelahap, tapi kantoi juga tengok makanan macam ni)
I want more of this pleaseeeeee... Superbly delicious!

So after we couldn't fill up our stomach anymore, we went for a go on what was prepared for us.

This seemed to be very interesting, but the queue was long and even the sessions, so I gave up and had a go on the massage treatment

Uhhh.. actually it hurt!
Badan tak biasa kena urut, and then the little ones could even make me shout. LOL
So after a massage, wait else than to enjoy The Hot Springs!

First, we went to see the Crystal Spa first, we had a mini session before and it did feel great

This spa is open from 3pm to 11pm and they have a choice from their heavenly treatments,
The Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Massage 'Malay Urut', or Head & Shoulder Massage.

So then we headed to the Crystal pool, just beside the Crystal Spa
Omaigadd the water was hot!
I dipped my foot in the water and I instantly pulled it out. Shocked + penakut, then I tried again, bared the pain and had a dip. Woaaaa.. it actually felt great.

Just look at this, its an awesome spot for relaxing right?
With the stunning lighting effects, it does create a sense of relaxation and visual inspiration

Then there's the Saphira's Lair
It is specially created for children since its complete with luminous and colourful lights and night.
Since the water was warm and just nice, it made us have a good dip in the water plus with the waters healing properties.

And I almost missed out the best part of the Hot Springs & Spa are the benefits of the water
Just as you can see above, see how much it helps us

The foot spa!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
I can feel the running man pain with the massage mats they usually play games with.
But this foot spa is better cause its a walking dip in warm water, it did hurt but at the same time it felt nice

The scenery at the foot spa is just nice, right? 
And just on top of the foot spa is another exciting pool to enjoy.

This pool is an enchanting jacuzzi pool for you to indulge your body in a steamy water tub with pulsating jets providing hydrotherapy massage for your muscles and joints to help ease your stress, aches, and pain.

Just look at the pool! It psychologically wants us to think that it super hot! What with the orange lights?
But then I took a dip and it was extremely hot, I couldn't go in at all. 
But it looked so tempting to have a dip, but my body refusesssss.. Whyyyyy??

Finally, the most extremely hottest pool ever is the Infinity Pool.
And just right beside it is the Steam Cave which provides a rejuvenating natural steam bath. The steam is relaxing and purifying while it softens the skin and induces sweating to provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin and sweat glands. Profuse sweating enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities and toxin from the body.

I only lasted a minute inside the water, just for the sake of a picture
Then quickly went up again, I really need to start taking warm showers, I think my body was in shock, that's why I just couldn't stand the heat and missed all the fun, especially going inside the steamed cave.

Uhh.. we really had a fun night!
Just after we went back to the hotel, we also continued our dinner.
LOL, penat main air sampai perut lapar balik,
Cause we couldn't resist the great food they served us!

It was hard to say bye-bye, but I was just too tired to keep on staying.
Bed was calling that night, and now I regret I didn't stay longer at the Hotsprings & Spa
I wanna come again next time and enjoy it again especially with my family!

So for those who live nearby, make sure you sign up for a privilege card for the Hotsprings and Spa cause you'll be paying just RM1.06 per day with a lot of other benefits!
Even I would do so.
So ends my Journey at The Hotsprings and Spa

Wait for my review peeps!

Till then, goodbye!