Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap in Malaysia

You guys certainly wouldn't want to miss this

Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is now in Malaysia
AND it is the West End Longest Running Play ever.

Thank you to Nuffnang that I received VIP tickets to watch the show.

Held at DBKL, 
This 2 hour play did really catch our attention

I and the other Nuffnang bloggers indeed had a lot to compliment about the show.

The storyline itself is great! Plus with the British ascent and the hilarious lines in the play, it totally got my mouth wide open.
The story is about a mystery of a murderer and which one of them was it?
It confuses you and keeps you thinking throughout the show.
Omaiiii.. me myself had many thoughts
But seriously the story was fascinating and teh actors were deep in character.
I even had goosebumps cause I was so in the mood with characters.
Senang cerita, memang feel habis dengan lakonan these guys.

Talking from an Art Student perspective
From all the theaters I watched so far, this is counted as one of the simplest theaters I have ever experienced for that is shown in a hall.
The set was complicated, but it was the only one set throughout the theatre
It was magnificent though how they made a completely good show by just one set.
And the lighting was also simple but still stunning. No colour lights, just the use of normal stage lights.
Plus, the play was carried out just by the main characters where they didn't even need an extra to complete the story.

Overall, it kept me thinking how did they manage to pull everything of just like that, compared to the other theatres that I've been, this one is so different.

I wish I could watch it again
And also watch more of International theaters too.

For those who are interested, you guys still have another 2 days to see the show.
It seriously wouldn't be a waste of money, I guarantee  you.

P/s: Pic Credit to Adam Haiqal



  1. huu bestnya, saya tak pernah pergi tengok teater (T_T)

    1. next time kita pergi tengok teater eh mieza


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