Lost World Hotel (Part 4)

Helloooo readers.
This is my final chapter to my journey to the lost world.

Sorry bout this blogpost but I had problems with my hotel pictures, so most pictures are not credit to me.

Anyways, the Lost World Hotel is located just beside the Lost World of Tambun. You guys would just have to cross the road to get there.

Anyways, here is a sneak peak of our hotel room

Pic Credit to Sabby Prue

Our room was just besides her, so its exactly the same.
The room was comfy, that's why I didn't take much pictures
I went inside, straightly jumped on the bed and made a big mess
Then segan nak snap picture
With Pika, Sabrina and Anis

The room was so coasy that we all wanted to have like a girl party that night with make up and so on. But then we tried out our mask in our beauty kit and everyone fell asleep till morning with their mask on. Lol

The hotel overall was comfortable and nice. Just one problem is that they have sensitive key cards, make sure not to put your key cards near your phone. If not you'll have to reset back your key cards again for you to enter your room. Else is just superb.

Anyway, the Journey To The Lost World of Tambun was such a great experience. Had loads of fun.
I'll be back!
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The map of tambun at The Lost World Hotel Lobby
With Kak Sabby yang comel! Comel kan dia, hehe
With Kak Inanie, first time actually tegur dekat tambun. Before this malu2,

With Kak Amie, seriously all this time baca blog dia, and then bila jumpa depan mata jadi speechless. Hanya mampu tersenyum.  Haha.. Awkward feeling.
With the all loud and fun Edazz and  the founder of The Butterfly Project Tammy.

Amira Izzati and Amirah Izzah! Lol.. dah la dua2 sebaya
With another one of the Butterflies, say hi to Illy!

And also with Ayna, Caroline and Amie again

With all the other beautiful butterflies!
Pic Credit to IamStudio
And from there ends my journey to The Lost World of Tambun!
A big thank you to The Butterfly Project that made all of this happen
And Thank You to The Lost World of Tambun for this splendid trip!
It will forever be a trip saved with great memories.