Review: Ninetology Z1 against Samsung S3

31 October 2013

So, I'm such as excited!
Excited much much much!
For the first time ever I have been given the opportunity to review gadgets.
Ohsem right?

Thanks to Ninetology Malaysia that gave me the chance to do so.
First time hearing about Ninetology?
Head down to their Website to know more.

I was given two devices to review on
One is a Samsung S3 and another in Ninetology Z1
Of course most of you are familiar with S3 already right? So I'll be comparing the Samsung S3 with the Ninetology Z1 in this post.

Lets start with the Ninetology Z1
If you guys don't know yet, this Ninetology Z1 is a smartphone with dual sim
Oh yess.. Two sim cards in one phone babes. Totally a plus for those who has so many phones right now but still want to use smartphones.
And don't worry, its still using normal sim card slot.
Compared to Samsung S3, it uses micro sim, so of course I didn't get to slot in my sim card during the review.

Talking bout phones, I'm not an expert on gadgets, so truthfully I don't know much about processors and so and so. So I'll just mention on what I know.

Battery Life

So, I had a field trip last week, I just wanted to test how which battery last longer. So what I did was I fully charged both of the phones and I connected it with wifi through my hotspot from my tablet. So both phones now were able to use the internet all day. I logged into instagram, twitter and also facebook for both phones and used it as frequent for both phones.
And surprisingly, both battery drained in the evening, but still there were more battery life with the ninetology phone.


Honestly, I loved the Samsung S3 screen better since its in HD and the pictures seems to look much more better. For Ninetology Z1, for those who don't mind much about HD view, its still worth it. Its just the S3 wins while it comes to looking a pictures. I myself somehow got annoyed on how much the colours were different even in my tab.


I loved the Ninetology Z1 better with its grip, its slim and its wide. Its seems like a mini tablet, but it not that big. It was easy for me to grip the phone while I was messaging. For the S3, I had problems having a grip with it. It once fell hard on my face cause I didn't grip it well while typing. LOL
Mybe cause its small and  its slim, and I'm used to big bulky gadgets.


Talking bout camera's!
The most important thing for a blogger actually, and were lucky now that technology has combined these two things together.
I myself admit that I am a total camwhore, really love taking pictures everywhere. At the same time I want quality pictures and not pictures that don't have enough pixels to show.
So of course what I'm most excited part of reviewing was to test the camera's.
And the results are as below

Samsung S3 Back Camera

Ninetology Back Camera

Samsung S3 Front Camera

Ninetology Front Camera

As you can see the pictures are not bad right?
Its just almost the same quality.
The Samsung S3 front camera is 8MP while for Ninetology Z1 is 12MP.
Wow right?

Overall, I really had fun playing with new gadgets for a while even just for a week. Sorry my post ain't like a review much. But hey, its my first one, its a start right?
Thank you to Tech Kaiju Arena for giving me this opportunity.


  1. camera die mmg dh fisyeye ke awk letak app??? jeles sgt klu cmtu hehe

  2. I want to buy one f the phone akak. which one will you recommend?


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