Review: L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique + Refill

05 March 2015

Name: L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique All In One Matte Transforming Powder
Price: RM39.90 

Usage Purpose: Primes, Covers, Perfects and Results 12H Shine Free Fresh Look
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hello peeps!
So today yet another product review, I'll keep on doing product reviews until I don't have any prodcuts left for a review. LOL
Anyways, if you have been updated with me, you will know that I currently won some goodies from L'Oreal Paris Malaysia and the L'Oreal Mat Magique is one of them.
I actually won a RM300 voucher for me to shop L'Oreal products and I have chose products mostly for the skin. Not much makeup, I'll share with you soon.
For now lets talk about the Matt Magique.

This product came out last year if I'm not mistaken, cause when I was participating for L'Oreal's Matt About You contest this product was still very new. And since then I have been using this powder till then. They have 3 different types of shade if I'm not mistaken, 2 other lighter shades. The one I'm using right now is 02 Golden Ivory which is slightly darker.

As you cans see, I have hit the pan! This is my one of my favourite powder since it works really great with my skin.

What I'm Loving
The packaging! That hot pink colour was the first thing that attracted me. Eventhough I'm not a pink lover, the colour L'Oreal chose for this product is really stunning. This is an absolute yes for compact powders since a girl will bring it anywhere, so it has to do a stunning job to look really attractive.
Even the box I feel so sayang to throw out. Cantik kan?

The packaging does not break easily, I can't count how many falls have this powder been through. Rough ones or not, this seems to do a job well done in protecting the powder from breaking.

The results after applying is just like I have my bb cream on, my concealer on and everything else. It really gives a soft shine free matte look, which is so perfect for me cause on normal days after using my day cream I just want to pat on some powder. I am so lazy to put on other things on normal days.

So this concludes as my everyday powder, just using this and some lipstick and I'm ready to start my day.

What I'm NOT Loving
The sponge, like most sponges it will slowly..." whats the word?"... "like seriously I don't know the words to explain". It will like have holes in the end. HAHA... Faham-faham sendirilah.

I don't know with other people, but it doesn't give me that 12H Shine free fresh look. After half a day my forehead all shiny again. LOL
My skin condition is actually dehydrated, so I tend to have oily face. So in the end I kinda have to pat powder several times a day.

Name: L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique All In One Matte Transforming Powder REFILL
Price: RM19.90 

So as you can see I got a totally new one and I also got the refill.
Yeayyyyyy... now I have one extra to put at home than in my makeup pouch. I find it kinda a fuss having to go through my bag every morning to find get my powder. I just wanna leave it on my makeup table.

So yeah... this is my first time ever refilling any powder before. Usually I will just buy a new one cause I tend to break the package. HAHA...

And the refill comes in like this, in two air sealed packets and thank goodness they gave a sponge too. Could you see how awful my old sponge was.

So first timers like me, to refill your powder, all you have to do is give a little push at the hole I have shown in the picture above. Then when the old powder comes off, replace it with a new one and give it a little push in place. And then your done!
Easy right? and you save much more with purchasing the refill.

So.. OMG, I don't know why I keep on saying SO.
Like SO... people give me another word to use instead of SO.

That's all peeps.


  1. lawa la packaging dia..
    shocking pink? coral pink? ke magenta kott.. entah yg mn satu,,
    tp series cantik color tu

    Jemput jenguk ietams yerr


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