Review: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2

03 March 2015

Name: Makeup Revolution Redemtion Palette Iconic 2 
Price: RM32.00 

Includes: 12 swatches
Availability: Makeup Revolution Malaysia Website (Purchase)

Hello peeps!
So last weekend I uploaded a video showing my Makeup Revolution haul.
So today I'm posting it up on my blog for those of you who wants to know more details on the Iconic 2 Palette.

Just look at the colours, its all super nice.
Really suitable to do for a natural kind of look with these colours.
And have you heard? This Iconic 2 palette is also the dupe of The Naked 2 palette.
The colours are almost the same but this Iconic 2 palette is way more cheaper and affordable.
I have never owned a Naked palette before so I am not able to write about the comparisons between these two palettes. But for now I am really satisfied with this palette.

These are all the colours which I have swatched. All very creamy and pigmented.
For me, if your on a tight budget and still new to makeup its better to get this Iconic 2 palette first before you go and by yourself The Naked 2 Palette. 
I always wanted The Naked 2 Palette but still don't dare to buy it since I'm still using up my parents money to survive. LOL
So when I had a little extra pocket money I decided to buy this and try out since they say its the dupe for The Naked 2 palette.
So of course I'm eager to play with it.

So that's all peeps!

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