Review: Mary Kay Limited Edition Thinking of Love Set in Malaysia, A Perfect Fragrance for Special Occasions

04 June 2015

Name: Mary Kay Thinking of Love Eau de Parfum Set

Thinking of Love Eau de Parfum (29ml)
Thinking of Love Body Lotion (133ml)
Thinking of Love Shower Gel (133ml)

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Hey peeps!
One more day till the weekend! The week went by pretty fast don't you think?
Anyways, who here is madly in love? Well many of my friends and people I know had their weddings this month, so I'm guessing most of you are currently in love. If your not, cheer up, the right one will show up on your doorstep anytime soon. (I wish mine was in front of me now) HAHA

So talking about love, the feeling when you feel like your on top of the world. Everything you do keeps you smiling even when you stepped on poop. Well, that's the power of love, everything bitter and sour just changes sweet with a blink of an eye. I wished I have that feeling right now, I sure need some power to get through my day. LOL

Mary Kay's New Frangrance set is called Thinking of Love and the scent of this fragrance surely smells like love. With a nice sweet soft scent, it could just make anyones mood turn good just like you just fell in love. With a combination of sparkling mandarins, turkish rose petals and vanilla madagascars this frangrance creates the perfect scent for lovers.

That is why this fragrance set is suitable for special occassions. A Birthday, Special Anniversaries, Weddings or even for your honeymoon. So for those who are getting married and trying to find gifts for 'hantaran' I suggest this frangrance set would do. Plus its super cute! Its shows the theme already. If I was getting married like a few months from now, of course this will be on one of my 'dulangs'. LOL

Anyways, I'm not getting married. So I'm using this fragrance set for special occassions, but sometimes I kinda just love spraying this perfume since it smells so good. Besides I don't have much special ocassions to attend too.

So what do you think about this perfume?
Would you get it for you wedding?
Let me know in the comments below.

Till then peeps!


  1. aku tak sangka Mira dah nak kahwin... selamat pengantin baru Mira..

    1. Nampak sangat kau tak baca post aku kan. errrrr


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