Review: Maybelline's New York New Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks in Malaysia

02 June 2015

Hey peeps!
So how was work today? Can't wait for Friday already?
Well cheer up, there are loads of reasons why you should smile.

Last week, Maybelline sure gave me a surprise. I was kinda stressed out with deadlines and tons of uncompleted work till a delivery came knocking at my door. A bouquet of flowers with 2 lipsticks tied together was handed to me, made me blush! LOL 

My mood totally changed, a combo of two of a girls favourite things, flowers and makeup! Just which girls heart wouldn't melt. Maybelline gave me two of their NEW Launched lipsticks to try out which was from their Rebel Bouquet range.

Price: RM31.65

Shades:  REB03, REB08
Availability: All Major Pharmacies

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Maybelline Malaysia

Maybelline has done it once again, their colour sensational lipsticks has always been my favourite. As you could see these Rebel Bouquet lipsticks are almost the same as their Bold Matte Lipsticks but these Rebel Bouquet lipsticks are all in pastel colours. They have a few more colours in store, which I am so gonna get more of these.

Like they say, its time for pastels to rebel. Pastel colours sure are a current trend right now, even my blog colours are pastels. Pastels are such awesome colours don't you think? So why not pastel lipsticks? Maybelline gave me REB08 and REB03 and both colours are beautiful. I don't know which colour I love the most.

Both colours I received are pink and both pink pastels. I have been using these colours ever since and its totally staying in my makeup pouch. Because pastels could never go wrong right? Its suitable with all occasions.

If I could describe these lipsticks in one word, it would be 'PERFECT'. The colours are just stunning!
For me I kinda prefer lipsticks that are not so shiny, so most of my lipsticks would be either matte or cream lipsticks. These Rebel Bouquet lipsticks are cream lipsticks since they have a little bit of shine to it.

Overall I just love them, but if you want the colour to last all day long, I suggest you to use a lip tattoo or just carry around these lipsticks around everywhere you go. Just like me. I just wished that the REBEL print you saw earlier was printed on the lipstick cover instead of the plastic. At least the lipstick would still look pretty as its colour forever.

So what colour do you prefer?
Or do you own a different colour from this range?
Let me know in the comments below.

Till then peeps!

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