Review: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush, One of Malaysia's Halal Brush

01 June 2015

Name: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush
Price: RM45.00 (Intro Price RM39.00)

Usage Purpose:
Face Powder
Powder Foundation
Loose Powder
Mineral powder
Translucent Powder
Pressed Powder
Liquid Foundation

Made from:
Finest Synthetic Fiber
100% Non Animal Hair

Good Morning Beauties!
Who here is addicted to makeup brushes? I might not have many but the ones I own I make sure that they are good and high quality. 
So is this your first time hearing about Breena Brushes? Believe it or not but this brush is local!

Beauty Blogger Sabrina Tajuddin is the founder of Breena Beauty. She has just recently launched her first brush which is a brush for everything basic. With 4 years of research and sample testing, Sabrina finally scored the perfect brush for just anyone to use. Her passion and effort  surely inspires a lot of beauty bloggers including me. Sabrina managed to create something that Muslim beauty addicts crave for which are Muslim friendly and Cruelty Free beauty products.

Have you watched my latest video yet?
I used the Face Luxe Brush in my video.
If you have not seen it, you could watch it here.

The packaging is even beautiful for its first design but knowing +Sabrina Tajudin everything she does she makes it beautiful. 

Talking about the brush then, my first impression was this brush looked really expensive. With its white handle and rose gold carvings, this is like the most beautiful brush I have owned. And I am so proud showing off this brush on my makeup table. Its just so beautiful.

So does the brush works? Just by looking at it you would know. This domed shaped brush managed to be the perfect applicator for all makeup basics. I have tried this brush for almost a month now and now it is my favourite. For applying foundation, powder, and bronzer this brush managed to create a really nice flawless look.

Even for cleaning the brush, it cleans up pretty well but takes a longer time to dry since this brush is really.. (I can't find the right word) but you could imagine by looking at it right? LOL

This brush is also so freaking soft but no worries because this brush is 100% non animal hair. It is made from the finest quality of synthetic fibres. Even my mum was surprised on how soft the brush is making it harmless without any scratching. 

I am so happy this brush came into my life, thank you Sabrina! I really can't wait for the upcoming brushes and get a whole set of these brushes. They are pretty with a touch of elegance to it and the price is worth it. 
And now I would't have to worry anymore where to find brushes cause I know Breena Beauty brushes will always be worth the money and halal! 

Till then peeps!

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