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15 May 2020


I have been a loyal fan and still is of Breena Beauty's products. For makeup tools, my stash is 90% off their products which I'm proud to say. This local brand started with brushes which I was among the lucky to be able to review them at first. Moving forward they managed to come out with more makeup tools and one of the successful product is their blending pearl. Some say it's a dupe of the beauty blender which offers such an affordable price. I have never owned a beauty blender so I can't really say it's comparison but from what I know, their blending pearl definitely beats other brands that offer the same price range within theirs. I've been using their blending pearls ever since they launched their first batch, and now it has already been years and I can't remember how many times I've repurchased their pearls. So read on below to know my thoughts on them.

06 February 2017


I remembered during my early days into makeup and beauty stuff I didn't really have much to play with. I had a makeup palette an a few lipsticks, and the only brush I owned is the one provided in the eyeshadow palette. Then later I got brushes as gifts, cheap ones that doesn't really do much now but still did manage to help me back then. I found out that makeup brushes offered in the Malaysian market that time was quite expensive for me. I also found out that as Muslims, you can't just simply use any type of brush, since you'll never know where the sources of the brush bristles are from. Soon I had a few brushes that I was able to collect, but still I didn't own any branded brushes since I still feel that it's too expensive. This is where Breena Beauty comes in. Read on to know why.

28 November 2015


Hey peeps! Finallyyyyy this post is up, it has been in my draft for ages now but I didn't have time to write an elaborated post about it. If you are still unfamiliar to this brand, well this brand is founded by +Sabrina Tajudin , Malaysian Beauty Blogger that has an insane addiction to Beauty Products especially brushes. She said since most quality brushes here in Malaysia are so expensive, why not just create her own, and in the end she did. Her first brush launched was the Face Luxe Brush which is one of my favourite brush now. So now, she launched 2 new brushes and it's specifically for the eyes. Interested? Well keep on reading then

01 June 2015

Review: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush, One of Malaysia's Halal Brush

Name: Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush
Price: RM45.00 (Intro Price RM39.00)

Usage Purpose:
Face Powder
Powder Foundation
Loose Powder
Mineral powder
Translucent Powder
Pressed Powder
Liquid Foundation

Made from:
Finest Synthetic Fiber
100% Non Animal Hair


20 April 2015

Review: Natta Cosme Cerro Qreen 10 Pieces Brush Set

Name: Natta Cosme Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (Black & White)
Price: RM75.90 (RM60.72 Natta Cosme)
Colours Available: Pink, Green, Black, Red

Material: Goats Hair
Powder Brush 
Blush Brush 
Foundation Brush 
Fan Brush
Eye Shadow Brush (Large )
Eye Shadow Brush (Small )
Eyebrow Brush
Modifying Pen 
Eyelash Brush 
Lip Brush 

Availability: Natta Cosme (Purchase)

27 January 2015

Review: CERRO QREEN Professional Make-up Brush Set

Name: CERRO QREEN Professional Make-up Brush Set (5pcs)
Price: RM65.90

Included Brushes: Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Blooming brush, Eyebrow powder brush

Purchase: Natta Cosme