I remembered during my early days into makeup and beauty stuff I didn't really have much to play with. I had a makeup palette an a few lipsticks, and the only brush I owned is the one provided in the eyeshadow palette. Then later I got brushes as gifts, cheap ones that doesn't really do much now but still did manage to help me back then. I found out that makeup brushes offered in the Malaysian market that time was quite expensive for me. I also found out that as Muslims, you can't just simply use any type of brush, since you'll never know where the sources of the brush bristles are from. Soon I had a few brushes that I was able to collect, but still I didn't own any branded brushes since I still feel that it's too expensive. This is where Breena Beauty comes in. Read on to know why.

Breena Beauty is co-founded & founded by Beauty Blogger Sabrina Tajuddin and her husband. I remember my last chat with Sabrina on how she was inspired to come out with her own Beauty Brand focusing on local produced makeup brushes which for several years ago was not really hyped for 'local' beauty products. As most of Malaysians are familiar with brands from the European countries, Sabrina really took a risk in offering a local brand in the market. Her first brush released was and still one of my favourite brushes to use. 
You could read my post on her first brush here: Face Luxe Brush

Sabrina told me before, the reason why she created these brushes in the first place was she had problems in buying makeup brushes as well since the prices in the market was quite pricey. She wanted to be able to give a more cheaper solution with the same quality makeup brushes offered in the market nowadays. She spent 4 years of research before she released her first brush and now she has a new range to offer.

Breena Beauty Makeup Brush Eye Essentials was an idea she had a few years ago and finally she manage to release it the end of last year. I actually had the brushes from it's first launch, but since I was busy with my wedding preparations I delayed the post since I wanted to make sure I experienced the brushes enough before I gave out my review. These pictures were also taken during that time and dusted away in my draft for a while. 

Focusing back on Breena's Makeup Brush Eye Essentials, the first glimpse of the box will already make you fall in love. Rather than going matte with hot stamped letters as her previous boxes, she made a major twist with a gold heat press as the base of her box and embossed lettering's with a pinch of hot pink. Her theme has always been Gold, White & Pink, which makes her box designs always simple yet stands out for a local produced product.

Breena's Eye Essential Kit consist of 6 makeup brushes specifically for the eyes and at the back of the box, there is a guide for what each brush is for. This is a big help for those who are just getting started to crawl into the beauty addiction. Honestly it helped me a lot as well, since I'm not really familiar with the functions of brushes, especially eye brushes. I have always used the same type of brush for my eyes until I was introduced to Breena's makeup brushes.

Actually, the Eye Essentials are just an additional of her second launch of brushes which were the Basic Eyeshadow Brush & Brow Definer Brush. You can read my post here on her previous launched brushes: Breena's Eye Makeup Brushes

Her 2 previous brushes are included in the Eye Essential Kit but if you look closely the brushes are upgraded a bit. The synthetic bristles may be the same, but she did improve the colour of her handles and also the printing on it. The darker and clearer print of the gold made her brushes look more elegant and expensive making it looking almost the same level as the popular brand brushes we have out there.

Here is a close up of her brushes, as you could see even though her brushes are affordable but it looks expensive. These brushes also looks really nice displayed at your makeup table, it creates a really high end effect to your makeup table. 😂 I also love how the point of the bristles are white, so it always shows that you'll need to clean your brushes after use. The brushes combined are perfect to achieve any eye look from a soft sweet look to a smokey eye look which is really hard to get without the proper technique and equipment.

I know I've been talking much about the presentation of the brushes, but does the brushes really deliver their purpose. Talking from my opinion, for a person that does not really want to splurge on high end brushes, I feel that Breena's Eye Essential is a more affordable way to help achieve your makeup look. Don't get me wrong, I have tried a few popular brand brushes before but I think it functions the same and I could still achieve the look with Breena's brushes.
Her brushes are soft as well but not that soft as animal hair, but I feel that it's already an achievement for a brush that uses synthetic bristles. The brushes are also able to pick up a great amount of products from the first brush. Blending on the eyes also creates a nice soft effect which means that this brush does deliver it's purpose.
Overall the brushes are working superb for me, I'm hoping to see more big brushes in the future. I've become a fan already and I'm waiting to replace my contour and blusher brush with Breena Brushes. 
Before I end my post, Breena Beauty just recently launched a new product, not brushes but lipsticks! OMG! I'm more excited. I knew Sabrina will come out with lipsticks someday and she did. I can't wait for the launch, so if you wanna know more, head down to their social media platforms now.

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Price: RM139 set / RM25 per piece
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Till then peeps!

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