15 May 2020

I have been a loyal fan and still is of Breena Beauty's products. For makeup tools, my stash is 90% off their products which I'm proud to say. This local brand started with brushes which I was among the lucky to be able to review them at first. Moving forward they managed to come out with more makeup tools and one of the successful product is their blending pearl. Some say it's a dupe of the beauty blender which offers such an affordable price. I have never owned a beauty blender so I can't really say it's comparison but from what I know, their blending pearl definitely beats other brands that offer the same price range within theirs. I've been using their blending pearls ever since they launched their first batch, and now it has already been years and I can't remember how many times I've repurchased their pearls. So read on below to know my thoughts on them.

Breena Beauty's original blending pearls come in 2 colours, pink and black. I prefer using black so I have a lot of black pearls. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll notice that most of my makeup videos feature Breena Beauty's Blending Pearl and brushes. Like I've said before, I'm a big fan of this local brand, I find their products of high quality for such affordable prices. And also to show my support to a friend that I've known for years since my early blogging days, their very own founder. 

Breena Beauty also collaborated with Hermo and produced a few different makeup sponges and blending pearls. It all looks great but honestly, it still can't beat their original blending pearls. Their blending pearls are able to create a really smooth finish with foundation either wet or dry. Ever since I've used their blending pearls, using makeup brushes or makeup sponges of other brands can't really seem to satisfy me anymore.

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Here are some videos I made using Breena's Blending Pearl:

I highly recommend their original blending pearl, one pearl could last you for half a year with countless times of washing. It doesn't tear easily and it's very easy to clean too. Clean with their makeup brush and sponge cleaner, you'll get fresh clean sponges every time. Why waste money on expensive branded items when you can get the same quality from a local brand.

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