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Hey peeps, so I've shared my sons' playroom a couple of times on Instagram before and I had quite a number of people asking about it. Normal questions like where did I get this and what is that. Well, today's post is to make things easier for you all as I'll be listing down all the things in my sons' playroom so you could get it too and of course a little tour of the room too. Keep on reading if you wanna know more.

Frankly speaking, my sons' playroom is the biggest room we have in this house but somehow I still feel it to be a bit small sometimes. Especially when he has toys all over the floor. LOL. To be honest, I didn't plan for my son to have his own playroom, as I thought to have a play corner was enough. But later did I realized that having his own playroom does have its perks. Why?


Well firstly, the thing that I benefit most is that, haha... call me greedy or stingy, I don't care because my sons' toys are precious to me. I shared before I had a play area downstairs for guests that comes to my home. So having a playroom let me control of toys that I don't want to share will other kids, especially those whose parents don't really care much about their children demanding about taking home other kids' toys. If you can relate to this, then you'll know the feeling to deal with this kind of situation is not easy sometimes. So to put it easier, having a playroom gives you the luxury to just close the door when you have a guest with children, to avoid the situation I said earlier. Ever since I decided to go with a playroom, my sons' toys are now safe. LOL... Toys are expensive nowadays... well I don't really buy expensive toys but it does require some cost. And most of the toys in my sons' playroom were bought by my blogging money which makes me cherish them like my own. So that's why it means much to me. I can go all day on this topic but let's stop here or I'll tend to get emotional with my past experiences.

Anyhow, secondly, having a playroom lets me control the mess easily. You know how toddlers are when they play. Goshhh... the mess after that gives you a headache. My husband is the type that can't see the house a mess, he can't stand it while I can't stand it looking at him making a fuss about the mess my son does. He'll usually instantly cleans up after my son plays one thing, so when my son wants to get back to what he left before, he can't because my husband cleaned it up already. I kinda don't like that the house always has to be neat with a toddler around because toddlers are supposed to be that way to help their development improve. So usually when I'm at home alone with my son I let him make all the mess he wants and I'll only clean up in the afternoon before my husband makes it home. If you've been a follower on my IG, you'll see a lot of these messy episodes on my IG stories. Somes was disastrous. LOL... Anyways, since I created a playroom for him, the mess is usually made within there. Since it's in a room, my husband doesn't seem to mind since he rarely goes in there, except when I tell him to go play with our son. On busy days, I don't even tidy up the room till the next morning and it's okay. I kinda love seeing the mess in my sons' playroom. Which shows that he's having fun playing.

Thirdly, having a playroom helps my son to focus. Before this having a play area at the corner, he keeps on getting distracted if my husband and I walk by. Having his own playroom, he doesn't seem to notice as he gets swayed by his activities inside it. At first, he kept wanting us to company him, but now we can leave him alone to play in the playroom while we do something else. With all the educational toys in one place, he could choose easily what he wants to play, and having just some basic furniture below your playroom should be enough already.


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1. Coby Haus Lolly Gummy Multipurpose Cabinet

Price: RM569

This cabinet is kinda like the centre of the playroom, it instantly captures the attention of the playroom itself. I've been checking this cabinet out even before I had my son, which I felt should be a good use to the house later on and it does. As my son grew, the number of toys kept piling up and it's a headache to see them laying around. I got the cabinet only when my son was about one year old and the number of toys he had made it hard for me to keep them in one place neatly. There wasn't much storage for it so I had to put a few in a clear storage box, which made it difficult for him to reach the toys he wanted. After having this cabinet in, it totally saved up a lot of space and made it easier for him to reach the toys he wanted. Plus with the cute gummy colour, it definitely brights up the room. I wished they have more colour options in the future.

2. Ikea LÄTT Children's table with 2 chairs

Price: RM89

I procrastinated getting a children table for ages. At first, I just used those mini table computer tables you can find on Shopee but it wasn't very convenient. I wanted him to be able to sit down on a table and focus. So after putting in much thought and having some extra money, I got the table in the end. That was after I did so much effort into looking for the cheapest children table I could find with chairs and it all came back to Ikea's table which was included with 2 chairs.
After getting the table, I noticed how my son could focus better on it when he has crayons and paper. He also tends to play much longer sitting at the table. Somedays I wished he had a sibling so they could play together since there are 2 chairs. LOL

3. Various Educational Toys

Educational toys could be expensive but there are a lot of cheaper options if you know where to find them. My source of toys is mostly gotten from Shopee. Yup, I'm a crazy Shopee hoarder. If I stumble across a toy that is said to help with development, I try to find it on Shopee which offers the best price. 
Most of the toys that I'm inspired to buy are from my good blogger friend Ayue Idris. Her child is the same age as mine, but she pours so much effort in her child's education that amazes me. She's into Montessori things and she's making me into it too. She also creates playbooks for toddlers and it's amazing.
Check them out here: Ayue Idris's Playbooks

4. Playmats

I have 2 types of playmat in my son's room. Like one wasn't enough, I got another type so I could cover the whole floor within the room. But having either one is good enough already. I wanted my sons' whole floor covered so he doesn't sit on a hard floor to play.

Parklon Playmat

1. Parklon Playmat

Price: RM400+-RM1000+ (Depending on sizes)

This is the first and most cherished playmat for my son, he learned sitting down and walking on this mat. Actually, we have 2 of these mats in use. Another one is in my room because we all like to 'lepak' in there. My husband loves the mat too. LOL... So the cuter mat I placed in my sons' playroom while the simple design one I fitted in my bedroom, which goes very well with my room interior. I actually did a review on these Parklon mats, you could read them below:

2. Foam Playmat

Purchase: Mr DIY Shopee Mall

This is the 2nd playmat I got after I decided I wanted a playroom for my son. It was inspired by Ayue Idris as well since she has a playroom with this mat covered all over the floor. His playroom is like a mini kindergarten already, which made me very inspired to have one of my own. But I still have a long way to go to even reach that because the number of toys she has is more than you can imagine. The reason why I got this mat was to cover up the whole playroom after the space left from the Parklon Mat. I was looking for cheaper options and a foam mat was the solution. I went hunting foam mats on Shopee but the kind of foam mats I wanted was quite pricey. I wanted large ones with a wood pattern but I couldn't find a seller that sold exactly what I wanted with the budget I had. So in the end, I bought the same ones that Ayue Idris bought which were from Mr DIY. I bought it from their official store on Shopee so I kinda saved a lot with promotions they had. I bought 4 packets which consist of 4 mats each. Combined together it created a decent amount of space to play on. They only offer black colour which was one of the reasons it wasn't my first choice but turned out black wasn't that bad. I chose this foam mat in the end because the quality was reasonable with the price offered, and of course, Mr DIY is a trusted seller.

5. See-through storage boxes

This is another necessity as advised by Ayue Idris. She says that toys should always be rotated every day so the child doesn't get bored. This makes them feel like they own new toys every day. How it works is by storing toys away and putting different ones out every day, which requires storage boxes to keep them neat and out of reach from the kid. I eventually had one storage box for my son which eventually was his toy box from the start.

I tried to follow and get more storage boxes but after having the gummy cabinet, I wasn't really putting up with changing and rotating my son's toys because it wasn't that many. Besides, he seems to keep having an interest in anything I put in the box. So I ended up keeping his unused baby stuff in these storage boxes and also a few toys that he can't play with yet. I also cover up what's inside so he doesn't get too curious. LOL... If not he'll be wanting to open the boxes. These see-through boxes are very easy to find, there'll available online and also hypermarkets too. I usually buy mine at Tesco because they usually have offered. When there is an offer I'll get like 2 or 3 at a time which makes me save a lot. The big ones I usually get were RM30 each which was a very good deal.

So that's pretty much it in my sons' playroom, it mostly the basic stuff. I want to get a few other stuff too like a sand table and more educational sensory toys but I don't think it's necessary to splurge that much if I can't afford it. You probably may notice that I try to find the best prices when I buy something because nowadays we have so many options to choose from. If you can't afford this item, you can always choose a similar item. So even though you might not have big bucks for a playroom, there's always a way if you're willing too.

Here's a mini-tour on my son's playroom, it usually changes from time to time as I like to add and take away stuff from the room.

Please be wise in purchasing, you don't have to have a playroom, children can learn anywhere as long as you help them along the journey. Please do not criticize other mothers that cannot provide the same as you do for your child and do not compare yourself to other mothers that could provide more to their child. Rezeki masing-masing and just bear in mind that as long your child is happy, you're doing a great job already.

Till then peeps!