28 October 2015

Hey peeps! I'm back finally with a Halloween Treat! LOL... I know most of you who have been following me might be surprised with this post. I know, I'm surprised too. This is something totally different from what I usually do and I myself find it entertaining that I created a look like this as well. Anyways, a big thanks to Hermo Malaysia for the Halloween Treat that inspired me to create this look. Want more details? Keep on reading then.

These products were sent to me for review purposes

Bhcosmetics Party Girl After Hours Eyeshadow Palette
Price: RM109.00
Promotion: RM80.10 (Hermo.my)

32 Eyeshadow Colors

Hermo Malaysia

Honestly this is my first product from BH Cosmetics and I'm not really familiar with this brand. After a bit of google-ing, BH Cosmetics is from the states and the brand is pretty much tempting as other makeup brands with a lot of collections to choose from. My hands are getting itchy to own some of their products too which Hermo has just brought in.
So for this post I'm not gonna do a swatch review for all the colors in this palette. As you could see this palette consist of a lot of colors so it's best if I do a separate post on this. So today is just a preview on the swatches available and also a look I created from using this palette. 
The BH Party Girl After Hours consist of dark and shimmery tones which is really suitable to create dark looks for parties and Halloween too.  The color tones are more to blue, red, brown and black with a few highlight colours. 
Most of the eyeshadows are glitter and only a few are matte. So I wouldn't recommend this for an everyday palette. But if you are into creating intense and character looks, this palette would be in handy since it consists with a lot of color tones to choose from.

And what look did I create from using this palette? Well I've been feeling very moody and angry lately with so much drama in life. So maybe dolling up as the queen of heart would make me feel better. LOL... I know this look doesn't match 100% like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland since The Queen's face is obviously white. Well think of this as an Asian Version of The Queen of Hearts, besides, it's and inspiration makeup idea. 

As you could see, I still maintained the high blue eyeshadow of the Queen with a touch of a really thin eyebrow. I had fun exploring the colors from the BH Cosmetic palette and you could see in detail the colors I used for this look in my video.

In the mean time here are a few shots taken with this look. Excuse me if I pose too much as The Queen of Hearts, got out of control somehow. Hehe... So tell me, did this look get you inspired for Halloween this year? Or have you already pictured something with the BH Party Girl After Hour Palette? Get yours now while it's still in promotion and please do share your Halloween looks too. I'm really curious to see other ideas.

Till then peeps, have fun tricking or treating.


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