Photo Credit: Metal Bees Production
Hey peeps! So if you have been following my instagram you would have noticed a few pictures of me wearing a bright pink dress. I don't usually wear dresses but it was for a special event. LOL... I think I was the only one overdressed. Well I was invited to Clinique's private event to introduce their newest foundation. A big thanks to +Tammy Lim for making this happen and I was really honoured to be part of it.

Pic Credit: Metal Bees
Honestly this wasn't my first experience for a photoshoot session. My first photoshoot session was with Karangkraf but that was years ago. So I still was nervous this time cause I know I'm not that photogenic and I usually have problems finding a good angle. But this experience was fun cause I had my friends with me and all of us was excited. 

The highlight of the event was Clinique's newest foundation which I will do a review soon up on my blog. So you girls stay tuned for my opinions on the foundation soon. On that day we had a chance to meet up with the people from Clinique and also learn a bit about Clinique's history background. So it seems Clinique has been around for a very long time and its purpose at that time was to help create Natural Beauty cause before people believed that good skin was because of the genes. But science proved that wrong and now just anyone could look beautiful.

Pic Credit: Metal Bees
So all of us were touched up using Clinique's newest foundation and then we had a photoshoot session. One by one we took turns to take a portrait.

Thanks to the awesome photographer at Metal Bee's Production, each of us came out with stunning pictures. Sorry cause Izzati XO's photo terpantul cahaya, maybe cause we all didn't know that day that she was actually carrying good news. Hehe...

Pic Credit: Metal Bees
So here all of us after the photoshoot. See any familiar faces? Its a shame Tammy had to leave so early and Sabby Prue was just a day away before she gave birth. 
Oh yaaa.. I actually thought of making a blog for this event, but I still lack in being a vlogger. Cause most of the records I made didn't actually record and I just had a few shots. So here is a little mashed up video I made on Instagram.

Actually I don't have much to say for this blogpost but I just wanna update about it since it's gonna be memorable. Thank you Clinique and The Butterfly Project for this fun session. We all had fun laughing and talking since all of us knew each other, it was like a mini gathering. I'm just so proud to be a part of it.

Till then peeps, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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