16 October 2015

Hey peeps! So finally I could blog about my newest skincare range that I have used for the past month. Avene is very well known for its Spring Water and I myself have been using their Spring Water for the past year. Honestly I just happen to know that Avene has just one product, but it seems they have quite a range. I received these small bottles and samples of Avene to give it a try, and here is my review after about a month using them.

Before that, here is the list of all the products I received

These products were sent to me for review purposes

Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam 
(150ml): RM95.00

Avène Thermal Spring Water 
(30ml; 150ml; 300ml): RM21, RM42, and RM60 respectively

Avène Gentle Toner 
(200ml): RM89.00

Avène Hydrance Optimale Light 
(40ml) : RM99.00

Avène Day Protector UV EX SPF30++ 
(40ml): RM89.00

Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Avene Gentle Cleansing Foam is their newly launched product which I was most excited to try out. This cleansing foam is in a Mousse form so the texture is really different from my usual cleansing foams that I have ever used. This mousse is uniquely formulated for normal to combination, sensitive skin. This product is also rich with the Avene Thermal Spring Water which makes cleansing much more gentle and cleans effectively.

As you could see, the cleansing foam comes out instantly with soft bubbles, so there is no more need to add a little water and rub it with our palms first before applying it to our face. This mousse is directly lathered to the face and it is enough creamy to totally give a clean face. The texture is also lightweight and also non-sticky and its said to be formulated with only 10 ingredients that are particularly adaptive to sensitive skin.

So every morning and night, I'll apply the cleansing foam first to make sure that my skin is perfectly clean from dirt and excess makeup. 

Then, after I'ved cleansed my face, I'll spray some Thermal Spring Water and pat it dry. This makes my skin feel much more fresh and lighter. Somehow I have been very addictive to this spray, have been carrying it around everywhere. It just makes the skin feel so good.

Next up is the toner, I am a person that must have a toner. Cause I feel that without applying toner my skin wouldn't be perfectly clean. Since I use a cotton pad to apply my toner, I could see if there are any dirt left on my skin. Plus toners just completes a skincare range. 

After I have applied the toner, I'll apply the Hydrance Optimal which functions as a hydrating cream and then the Day Protector UV EX SPF30 PA++

Both creams I find rather sticky but it absorbs fast once applied. It has no scent also. I honestly don't find anything special about these creams, and it was a nuisance applying the Protector Cream since its in little sachets. My fingers will usually be oily a bit after applying the Hydrance Optimale and tearing the samples just wasted my time.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the end results. These Avene products ain't cheap and its rather pricey even if its sold in a normal drugstore. So if it doesn't work its just a waste of a lot of money for those middle classes like me. To me, the cleansing foam is totally recommend for those who have sensitive skin and still having problems to find the right product. Since its rich in Thermal Spring Water which is really good for the skin, so I'm assure there would be no problem after using this.
My skin seems more healthy and glowing, but it doesn't really clean out the blackheads and whiteheads. And my skin is less oily that it has been before. So a thumbs up for this range.

Till then peeps

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