14 October 2015

Hey peeps! So its a start of a new year for muslims all around the world so I hope most of you including myself have plans to change to a better book this year. Anyways, as promised before, finally a review on L'Oreal Paris Matte About Manga Range. I know it took me sometime, but please forgive me. So this range includes of 3 products which are the Mat Magique BB Essence, Mat Magique BB Veil and False Lash Waterproof Manga Mascara. With hot pink for their packaging, I bet no girl could resist the temptation to get this range on their hands. And with the promising Kawaii Look, just makes this range more irresistible. 


L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique BB Essence SPF50 PA+++
Price: RM39.90 

Lightweight Watery Freshness, Powder in Essence BB Cream, Porelee-looking, 
Matte Finish, Shine Free up to 12 Hours
N1 Nude Ivory, R1 Rose Ivory, R2 Rose Vanilla

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique BB Veil Poreless Matte Finishing Powder SPF32 PA+++
Price: RM33.90 

Poreless Fresh Matte Powder, Sebum Absorbent, Last up to 12 Hours, Instantly Brightens Skin
N1 Nude Ivory, N2 Nude Ochre,  G1 Golden Ivory, G2 Golden Amber

L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara
Price: RM39.90 

Unique Brush for Amplified Lashes, 15x more Volume

Availability: All Major Pharmacies

So many have been asking about this BB Essence, either is it good? Well honestly at first I didn't like it that much cause it was something different that I usually use. The BB Essence is so watery that it's really hard to get the product on the face with the right amount on one go. I constantly had to put it on several times until I discovered the right technique how to put it on easily.
Before use, make sure that you shake up the bottle well cause you could see the separation of the powder and the water after you leave it for a while.

If you look clearly, you could see that on the left is the BB Essence that I swatched while on the right is the BB Essence when rubbed. Could you see the Matte Powdery effect? It looks like I've already added powder. Well this is the uniqueness of the BB Essence that I discovered later on. As I mentioned earlier I didn't quit like the BB Essence, but after I blended the product I found that the finishing touch is so nice.
It is lightweight and my skin doesn't feel burdened at all. Somehow it feels like I have nothing on and it last so long. It doesn't give much coverage though but its good for simple touch ups and everyday use I suppose. Since it has SPF 50 included, this product is just great for everyday use.
Btw, did you know that this is the first ever powder in essence BB Cream by L'Oreal Paris?

Moving on to the Mat Magique BB Veil, this product strongly reminds me of L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique Transforming Powder which was a hit late last year and also one of my favourite compact powders I'ved own. Honestly I can't determine the difference between both products except for their packaging of course.

The packaging of the BB Veil is more likely as L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder and yet I can't seem to find any difference with the products. Somehow L'Oreal Paris compressed powders have the same textures and functions almost the same as well. But their powders really blend well with a lot of products and I certainly love it because the Matte finish looks really great. This BB Veil is said to be infused with volcanic perlite minerals which is a natural yet powerful sebum absorbent. This powder also has SPF32 PA+++ so its also suitable to be used daily and it lasts long as well.

Next is the highlight for all the products , which is the Miss Manga mascara. This false lash waterproof mascara promises to create the perfect Kawaii doll look. The packaging itself is just stunning and it reminds me also of The Butterfly Mascara.

This mascara features a unique brush that gives and amplified lash look. It also makes the application for the lashes and lower lashes super easy with a minor chance of smudge. It is also formulated with collagen spheres and polymers that are good for the lashes but also makes the lashes a 15x overload volume with extreme hold. So the lashes will stay up curled and all day long.

Here is my overall look using the Mat Manga Range. As you could see the products creates a stunning result and it lasted a whole day. Overall I'm really satisfied and my personal favourite will be the BB Essence. Because of the lightweight feature I have come to love this product cause most of the days I just want a minimal use of makeup that will just make me look presentable. So I have found a product that suites my mood on those kind of days. I'm not sure about you, but for those who don't really like the burden of a heavy makeup everyday, you could try give this product a go.

Till then peeps, have a nice off day.


  1. if it doesnt smudge, it is good enough for me.. hehehe

  2. You look so kawaii mira! Bila nak jumpa ni??! Hahaha HUGS!


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