02 October 2015

Good Morning peeps, feels like October came early this year. September was a really bad month for me, I hardly had anytime for myself. I hope this month is much better. Anyways, if you have been updated on my Instagram you would know that I won one of Maybelline's newest baby lips which is their Candy Wow Cherry. So today I thought I'll be sharing my review on their latest baby lips since I have been a fan of Maybelline's Baby Lips for a long time.

Here is a few of Maybelline's Baby Lips that I own and currently using. I might have one of these in every bag that I have since I easily get chapped lips and it hurts a lot if my lips are really dry. Having a lip balm every where I go is a must. But from all lips balms, I favour Baby Lips the most since they look so cute and the flavours they offer are never disappointing. As you could see Baby Lips has come to different generations already, from the normal ones to electro pop and now candy wow. 

The candy wow is slightly different from the other baby lips since its more like a pencil, but still its  able to be twisted at the bottom. From all the handles of the baby lips, I came to like candy wow the most since it looks really cute.

Just like the other Baby Lip Balms, the Candy Wow smells more than amazing. Somehow its like a drug, to smell if first before apllying it to the lips. Just what is different is that the original Baby Lips have no color but the Electro Pop and Candy Wow both creates a nice soft red to lips. Making the lips look more alive and natural.

Before this I've been using the Electro Pop to class every morning, but since I had the Candy Wow I became addicted to it. I love how it hydrates the lips and gives a nice soothing feeling to it. It lasts long too, maybe not the color but the effect that keeps my lips moist preventing it to become chapped. Plus it smells so good it puts me in a good mood to start my day. Overall I'm giving a big thumbs up to this, Maybelline has never failed me yet.


  1. Wahh ada yang patern baruuu.. Should tryyyy this onee..

  2. Maybelline never fail so far. Most people acknowledge them especially their mascara collection. Nice review Mira..


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