Hey peeps! So just a random post today. I have had these pictures in my draft for so long but never posted it out. I'm sure that most of you Maybelline fans might have recognised this lipstick already. Its the Watershine Pure Lipsticks which has been in the market for sometime already. These lipsticks might not look so outstanding, but for a person that is not into makeup but wants to own a nice and safe lipstick. I think this range from Maybelline are just perfect.

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As I said, these lipsticks are really simple, the packaging for instance.

So actually I didn't realise until I was going through my lipsticks that I actually own 3 of this range. The colour that I usually use is PR31 which is a bit pinkish. I don't usually wear this on events, but usually when I have to go and do grocery shopping with my mum. LOL... These lipsticks creates a nice natural sheer to the lips, which doesn't make it look to outstanding. These colours are actually perfect for girls who rarely wear makeup, but have to own at least one lipstick. I would recommend this lipstick for those that are not comfortable with makeup yet. Since its sheer, it does have a little bit of moisture to it but of course it doesn't last long on the lips. 

Till then peeps