Hey peeps, if you have been following me on Instagram you would have already known that my husband and I went to Pangkor Laut for our Honeymoon. I have been wanting to write about this for ages but it seems that marriage life is more occupying than I have imagined it to be. So finally I'm sneaking a bit of my time to share some of the memories I have there. And if you are planning a honeymoon yourself, this place should have already been on your list. So keep on reading for our 3D2N paradise experience.

As most of you know that I was sponsored by my colleagues and friends to Pangkor Laut Resort as our wedding gift. Tammy my Head of department/boss planned it out even before I got married, but I only had a rough idea of it. I felt touched and blessed to be surrounded by loving people. I felt like I was going to burst into tears because I have always wished to go around and travel, see places and here I am starting my first journey with my husband in style.

If some of you are unaware, Pangkor Laut and Pulau Pangkor are two different islands. Pulau Pangkor is a public island whereas Pangkor Laut is a 5-star private resort just beside Pulau Pangkor. The jetty too is different, to get to Pangkor Laut Resort, you will have to wait for your speedboat at Marina Jetty Island. (It's a new jetty, 15 minutes away from the Island).

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Above is the private jetty at Marina Jetty Island. My husband does walk with style, right? LOL... He has always been like that, compared to me that usually dresses according to my mood. Anyways, we were greeted really warmly by the reception there. Actually, we were aiming to catch the 1 PM speedboat transfer but got delayed because of the stupid bus. My husband and I thought that taking the bus would be a cheaper option to get there since toll and petrol did cost a lot. But the count of hours we had to go through on the bus, I'll rather take a car next time if we come again. 

Have express buses in Malaysia always stops several stops for a long time? I'm curious.

Anyways, despite that we were both frustrated arriving late, we managed to catch the 2nd speedboat transfer at 3 PM and it calmed both of us down when we saw the environment around us. It looks like that we were in a movie scene. It just looks too good to be real and my husband seemed dressed up for it. LOL

The speedboat journey took about 15 minutes to reach Pangkor Laut resort and my insides were screaming with excitement! When we finally reached there, my jaws almost dropped and I just couldn't wait to see what awaits us. We were greeted warmly once we arrived and shown the way to check in. 

The package that Tammy bought for us was the resident's package which was inclusive of all our meals there. It was a really great thought of her since I won't know if we'll manage to survive without the food package here. 😅 (The food is freaking expensive!)

During check in we were given an internet hub and shown to our room as well. While walking to our room, we had a really pleasant walk, the view around us was so calming too. When we reached our room (Garden Villa) I couldn't stop smiling. I was so excited to explore but we were both so hungry for the excitement. So before exploring the room we thought is was better to get lunch first.

Our first lunch there was kinda awkward, and after seeing the menu we both got cold sweat a bit (if you know what I mean). LOL... Thank goodness the waiter was really helpful and friendly when I asked how do we order for meals under the Resident Package. It seems that we could choose 1 appetiser and 1 meal course each for every visit to a restaurant here which was quite a good deal. Since both of us was really hungry, we both aimed for something heavy and I was not disappointed. The food turned out great and we both came back to our villa with a happy belly.

After lunch, we didn't do much exploring, we both were exhausted from the long bus ride and instantly fell asleep thanks to a full stomach, a cool environment, a cosy bed and a dark room with all the shutter closed. LOL... I know it's bad sleeping after eating but our body we're failing us (actually coz both of us air 'badaks') HAHA... 

I slept for about an hour and was eager to explore around while my husband was still resisting to leave the bed. The sun was still burning from outside so we decided to stay indoors and have a cooling bath. Around 5.30pm, the sun seemed to be setting so we decided just to take a walk around but not fully exploring the place yet since we wanted to get ready for an early dinner that night.

Honestly, I can't remember the names of the restaurants that we went anymore since it has been months but the one we went was the one near the receptionist. Since we were on the Residence Package, the food was always 1 appetiser and 1 main course each so we made sure to pick out the most expensive one since it's already included in the package. 😅 My husband and I have always enjoyed the pleasure of eating, so the food here in Pangkor Laut made us excited every time we sat down on the dining table. 

Our first night at Pangkor Laut was nice, after dinner, we had a romantic walk back to our room with my husband going all crazy. You won't be able to see a lot of people wandering around at night here, except for dining places. It's kinda scary walking here at night but I had my crazy and anoyying husband with me.

Our second day there was the best, I woke up early and made a bubble bath cause I was eager to try it out since I entered the room. Finally, I was able to use my Christmas present from Tammy, the glittering lush star that smelled so good! I managed to use it 3 times with a whole lot of bubbles too. It almost took an hour before all the bubbles were gone every time. My husband first thought I was so childish, but turned out he was more excited than me when he got in the tub. Hmmm... The hotel also gave us complimentary salt scrub for us to use, so yeahhh.. more reasons to stay longer in the tub. 

After a really big breakfast, I couldn't wait to go around especially going to the beach. Getting to the beach we could either walk or take the shuttle bus. At first, we thought we should shed a few kilo's by exercising a bit but the path leading to the beach seemed so quiet, so we thought to take the shuttle first and go back walking. But then, we instantly changed our minds when we on the shuttle bus. The roads were climbing uphill and it's quite a distance. I might have actually lost a few pounds if we had walked. LOL

Once we reached the beach, the view was just breathtaking, I felt so calm. It was not as the public beaches, the shore was clear and you can only hear the ocean accompanied by the breeze. It just felt amazing. So it suites my main purpose to the beach, which was not to swim, but to take pictures. HAHA... Luckily my husband has been quite supportive with my habits lately and played along. Since he's a trained photographer, pictures turned out great!

The funny thing, most of my friends asked if I brought a photographer along, well honey, it's way beyond my affordability. I'm just lucky I got this honeymoon as a gift, so how could I bring a 3rd person. The answer to how I take my pictures are the same as how I have ever done it before. I know it does not really show that I'm taking it by myself actually but I prefer taking photo's myself.

My problem is that I have never really found my best angle when it comes to picture taking especially when I ask someone to take if for me. I'm always an awkward potato and it ends me looking like a potato too. So I like it best when I'm in control of the angle and the shot myself.
This is where you have to make full use of your gadgets.I used my Sony a5000 camera which has a remote control function with my android phone. Since my standard lens broke, I used my husbands 50mm lens, so this explains why the pictures had a nice blurry background to it. So basically we both tried to find the best angles to take pictures since we didn't bring a tripod. 

You had to find places that could support the weight of the camera and would be able to shoot us from afar. The only hassle with the canon lens is that I bought the cheap adapter, so it does not have auto-focus. So imagine how much hassle we had to go through just to make sure our pictures turned out the way we wanted it too.

Tourists there seemed to look at us and kept offering us help, to take pictures. LOL... Probably because of the auto-focus struggle. When we declined they questioned how we managed to take pictures and some of them seemed impressed too. Haha... Some of them even asked for a demo. So I hope this solves the mystery how we managed to take nice shots during our honeymoon.

We spent half a day at the beach and the hotter it got, the more tourists came to sunbath. Since we were both locals, and my husband is already black enough, so it's a no no for us. It's time to head back to our villa and have a cool shower. 

An hour later we headed back to the beach for lunch and I felt like I was in a drama. You know the romantic dramas when the couple eats by the beach and it looks so romantic, we'll we had that feel but sadly the food was not that good. After lunch, we were both were exhausted and took a nap. HAHA... Plus the weather was kinda too hot to walk around and the idea of sunbathing frights me.

When the sun went down a bit we headed back to the beach again, to view the sunset. The view was even more beautiful than this morning but tides were high and the waves were hitting pretty strong so it wasn't a good time for a swim. We just walked around and shot a few pictures together since the place was just breathtaking. 

We also had a few chats with the workers there since they were all very friendly, and our shuttle bus driver has seemed to know our names already now since we kept using their service to head to the beach.

Dinner the 2nd night was surely the most amazing experience. Tammy had made sure I made early reservations with Uncle Lim's so that I do not miss out and I thank her so much for the advice. Turns out that Uncle Lim's serves the best food throughout the trip. My husband was really happy seeing a big set of food on the table and the fish they served was huge too! I'm almost drooling imagining it again. 

I woke up at the 3rd day feeling that I wanna rewind it back to day one. We had breakfast and took another bubble bath before getting ready to pack our bags. Of course, before we checked out we took another walk to take as many pictures as we could. We surely didn't want the trip to end so badly but our speedboat was to leave at 1 PM and we have already arranged an uber to pick us up at the Jetty to the bus station. 

The experience was like a dream come true, we both were determined to come back again. The hospitality, the food, the environment was just amazing. So that's pretty much all, I took almost 2 months just to complete this post. HAHA... 

Again I would love to thank the people who made this happen! It was a great gift I could ever ask for. Thank you so much everyone!! You could check out their Instagram in my post here:

Finally I could post a picture like this 🙈 We have been married for almost 2 months and our henna is still red so the newlywed feel is still there. 🙊 This weekend we are out from the city for our most awaited 🍯🌙 which has been prepared by @hellotammylim months earlier before this date happened. This dream vacation would not be possible without these angels as wells. A big thanks to the Althea Team Frank, Jae, Dave, Dan, Jinho @anisfarhanaaliman91 @somethinkblack @bokoaz @pingorin, Jo & Alvin! Also to my blogger friends that really surprised me too! @jnnhmds @alizasa @miriam_hk @juneci_siong @anfaalr @pinkunosakura @misz_ella @deeliciousmy I feel so touched and blessed that I am on this trip. I don't know how I should express this but this has surely been one of the best trips in my life so far. Me & my husband is so thankful to everyone that sent us here because we both could only have dreamed of this. It's just like a fairytale now. Please let this be real. 😂😇😘 #CikcitPeks
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BTW, there is a video below I shot using my Samsung S7 Edge, turns out the video quality is not so bad, but it kinda heats up fast. The saddest part now is that the LCD is damaged and to replace it costs 1K. It's heartbreaking since this phone has so many functions to me.

Till then peeps!


  1. Aww you look like you had a great time! :D The place looks beautiful

    1. Yes I surely did. Thank you so much for making this happen too Alize. Muahhhhh

  2. Seems like you had amazing and great time��
    Congratulation for your honeymoon!



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