Hey guys, I'm back! Are you one of those people that depend on everything online? Well, I could say I'm guilty as charged. I'm the type that will try my best to find a solution to not go to a shop or a counter. The introvert side of me (well let's be real and say my lazy side) does not really prefer the hassle. During my studies years as an example, I'll try my best to think of ways to get other people to print my assignments for me but not every time I get to do that. During my final year projects, I had a few mass-produce prints that I had to print out and going to printing store was annoying than ever. Trust me not all printing shops here in Malaysia are that comfortable, wish that I have discovered Gogoprint back then. And what is that? Well, keep on reading.

Gogoprint Malaysia is a printing shop that offers printing services online and sends prints directly to your home. So the wish of people like me has been answered since I'm not really familiar with online printing shops. Let me know if I'm wrong though, but still, it's a cool new discovery for me. So basically logo print prints out the basics that any printing shop here in Malaysia could offer. From business cards to booklets, they seem to have the complete package. 

After a quick read, I found that Gogoprint is actually the biggest Online Printing company in Southeast-Asia.  They say to offer top quality printing products, best customer support and affordable prices.

After reading all that, it kinda excites me that we now have an easier printing service. So prepare to say goodbye to printing hassles. Gogoprint promises 4 easy steps for a smooth print service, refer to the picture above. For those who are already online savvy, I'm sure there wouldn't be any more problem for you to go through the process.

So I tried checking out the website and found out the prices that they are offering are truly affordable. I did a couple of surveys last year on printing prices for my projects and the prices they offer are quite similar from normal stores. 
I'm not sure of the quality though but it seems that it is worth the try. The website design is something to praise for. A nice simple clean website makes you feel much more delighted to use their service. Using the 4 basic solid colours of printing is rather a smart way to introduce a printing service website. It does look cheerful too right?

I tried out a couple of products offered that they could print starting with the business card maker. Since this is one of the mass prints a lot of people require in a hurry I think that they might get this order every day.  Starting out with the size selection of the card, they only have 1 size offered, but there is also a custom button for a different size of the card. While for colours, they have 2 options  either full colour back and front or front only, which makes it easier to choose to since the directions are clear.

As for paper type they have already limited it to paper that suites the products, so you would not be confused so much. Same applies to the finishing as well, they even prepared a video example just in case you are not really familiar with printing terms.

For the time being, they only offer matte and glossy finishes for the business card but I heard they will add some more finishing options soon. This is great news because some prefer Spot UV and Emboss as well to make their card stand out more, since business cards, of course, needs to have that purpose. 

Pricing on the other hand like any other normal production, they do charge extra for fast production. But as you could see the prices does not have much of a big difference even though for the 24hour production which somehow surprises me. And of course the more pieces you print the cheaper the cost for a piece gets. Actually, if you go for offset printing like this, it's better to make sure you want to print for a big quantity rather than a larger one since it's such a waste. Not only for you but the environment too. Trust me, I was a printing student. LOL

Overall I love the idea of Gogoprint, it's convenient and easy as well and it surely opens up printing services to a new level in our country now. I could see there are still a few limitations of service that the website could offer, which is understandable since some custom designs could be difficult to be printed out. But if you are aiming just to print the basics then this should be your choice for a hassle-free print and sent directly to your doorstep.

Till then peeps!