It's been a while since I posted about makeup, I certainly miss writing about makeup since it easily excites me. Just like when I received this cute Canmake Tokyo makeup kit! This is one of the cutest makeup kits that I have ever owned. The first glimpse of the packaging already explains the cuteness of this makeup kit with 6 products nicely packed in a petite box. Honestly, I'm not really familiar with  Canmake, I've heard about them before but never actually tried their products. As far as I remember, this is my first time owning Canmake products, so my review will be based on a first timers opinion. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

First of all, sorry if the pictures you see are a bit different from my usual style. I'm trying to make improvements this year but haven't really manage to obtain the quality I want yet. Anyways, back to Canmake, my first thought when opening the makeup kit was the individual packaging's of the products. The clear packaging is nothing much since I don't understand Japanese, but the products itself is an eye candy. Especially the compact powder and the blusher.

As you can see, the compact powder has a nice vintage feel to it. With a shiny gold reflector case and a simple pattern circulating it, surely looks good carrying this around. From afar it looks expensive and vintage, but when I took a closer look it has quite a cheap feel with it's plastic. Even the puff inside was a but disappointing to me, the puff is already thin and looking from the quality feel of the puff, it seems that it would not really last long, but I'm not sure of that since this is from my first time opinion.

I know I sound so judging right now, but this thought faded away when I finally tried it out on my face. With just a few daps, it totally covered up my flaws, minor flaws though and that was quite impressive trying without foundation for my first try. 
The colour of the compact powder that I got was a bit fair for me since it instantly gave me a brightening effect when I wore it. Surprisingly the puff did a good job on applying the product, it did help blend well especially when I tried it above foundation. My skin looked much better with foundation applied, but applying with just the powder itself wasn't bad either.

Another product that excited me at the first sight was this blusher. This is one of my first blushers with a beautifully carved pattern on it. I have always wanted one of these and when I opened it I felt like screaming. 
Firstly, the packaging beats everything, small, compact, see-through and with a white brush, it's just the perfect blusher a girl could ask of. Well probably to me though. 😂
Sadly, I thought a few swipes wouldn't effect much of the pattern of the blusher but it did eventually, it's just so pretty, it's hard to have the heart to spoil it. LOL... 
The blusher was quite pigmented too, they also gave a few variations of blusher colours including a highlighter at the upper left corner of the palette. Overall, if your looking to get a nice rossy cheek colour, this blush is the perfect option to choose from.

Moving on to mascara, well I thought it was mascara until I opened it and found a new brush discovery. Rather than bristles on mascara, the head of this mascara was plastic and shaped like a comb. So I took a look again at the product and found out that this was a quick lash curler. Then only I understood why it was like that and really convenient too. 
You know how some mascaras tends to tangle up your lashes together creating an uneven smudge to your lashes which is kinda annoying to me. But this eye lash curler helps to solve this problem with it's comb head and I'm really starting to love it now.
I'm not sure which is which since some say lash curlers are to be used before and some say to be used after you applied your mascara, but to me it really does depends on one preference so up to you.
The eye lash curler has no colour and it looks a bit and acts like glue to your lashes. It helps you get your lashes high and volumed up which effect in a bigger eye look.

Moving on to lip products in the kit, there are 2 which is a lip serum and a lip balm. Both actually have the same functions which acts as a moist charge and a UV Shield for the lips. Honestly saying, I love soothing lip products but it's not enough to complete my makeup look. I need a lip product with  more colour so just putting on these 2 are just not enough.
Both the lip products are soothing and it creates a nice shine to the lips too, and of course a bit sticky. But putting it on after a while kinda makes the lips feel a bit dry and uncomfortable rather than the first few minutes of application. I don't know why but I can't seem to find a strong reason for me to love these lip products. Maybe it's just not meant for me. 

I could say Canmake is quite a nice brand to try out. I feel the urge to discover more about this brand and what more do they offer besides this best collection kit. Do be highlighted again that this review is from my first opinion on the products that the brand offers, so you know that I haven't used it very long. My opinion may change over time and if I find the time I'll update this post again with what I feel and experienced using the brand. 
Overall, my likings are more towards the presentation of Canmake, which makes their products cute and presentable. It surely does look nice in my makeup collection. Mostly that's it, I'm out of words already.

Till then peeps!

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  1. The blusher seems nice! I never try canmake products yet.. hurmm.. interesting~


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