Hey peeps, if you've been following me on Instagram you would know that a few months ago I went to Tambun with my colleagues 'Althea's Glam Squad #GlamSquadOnVacay.
Every month we'll have a team bonding session which is one of the perks of us working there. We usually have buffets or eat at a fancy restaurant but we have always wanted to go on a trip together. So having a super awesome boss, she made the trip happened and we were more excited than ever! Thanks to Bus Ticket Online too because without them, our trip might still be possible but it sure would be a hassle. Check out our transportation to our very first team bonding trip, so keep on reading.

From the picture, you might have already guessed our mode of transportation. Yes, we took the train, but not your normal KTM, we took the ETS which the trains are especially for long journeys took in Malaysia. I take the KTM every day, and ETS is way different. You'll know why later.

So before I go in further here's how ETS became our option of transportation. We are going to the Lost World of Tambun and we have 10 pax going. Since all of us don't have cars big enough, we thought taking any other transportation would be costly and consume a lot of time. We weren't really excited about the idea to sit in a vehicle for long hours.

This is when the ETS came in mind. Travelling by train is convenient and you can already expect the time of your arrival. There will be no traffic jams and sudden delays which normally happens if you take a bus. I've been through that experience and I it wasn't pleasant. Spoiled my vacation before I even got there.

Since the mode of transportation is decided, now we needed to buy the tickets. Even though our office is just beside KL Sentral, no one would want to go. We're the type that looks up everything online. Counters are just way back time already. So if you google ETS/KTM you'll be directed to KTM's online portal where you could buy e-tickets but you'll get pissed by even looking at it. It looks like an uncompleted website and I tried to purchase tickets from their portal, I couldn't figure it out. It's not user-friendly and I don't think the website even works.

Here is where BusOnlineTicket saves the day. Not only does it provides a nice simple website, it sells bus, trains, and ferry ticket in one platform. They also provide a large option of bus choices you could choose from. You'll be able to buy tickets in less than 5 minutes and their website is mobile friendly too. So anytime, anywhere, hassle free tickets with BusOnlineTicket.

Enough saying, here's how we bought our train tickets. Since we're going to the Lost World of Tambun, the nearest train station stop is Ipoh. Make sure you all do your study first before purchasing any tickets, that's pure common sense. I don't understand why people could blame companies for their lack of research. LOL... sorry... but it's true.
In Malaysia, we only have the KTM railway to connect to other states in Malaysia by rail. If you know your history, you would know these rails has been built before we even reached our independence and the sad story behind it. But of course, there were not as many stations like now since the railway was originally built to carry tin when the Brits ruled our country.

So as you can see, once you have selected the date of your travel, you'll be able to see a list like this. ETS have several different coaches for you to choose from which are Silver, Gold and Platinum but of course, you'll only be able to see the train listed for rides on that day.
Platinum trains cost the most followed by gold and silver. Their trains might have a few difference in the interior I suppose but what I'm sure of is that Platinum trains will directly take you to Ipoh while Gold and Silver class trains will have several stops along the way to pick up other passengers which will consume a bit more time.

We took the Platinum Class train to Tambun. This was my 2nd time taking the ETS and I'm still pleased. The ride was smooth and the seats were comfortable.

We were a bit unlucky though getting seats that faced backwards. I was worried that I might get a slight headache but it was fine. The seats were comfortable and the environment was clean. The trip to Ipoh was 2 hours, I had time to sleep but it seems that everyone was just too excited to. So we went exploring around.

The ETS we rode looked like a modern space shuttle to me. The separation of the coaches is by electronic doors. They have toilets and a mini canteen at the front of the train where you can walk to by going through compartments. The canteen area is a little bit crowded since space is limited but they do have a counter and all. Choices of food are already pre-packed and will be warmed up using a microwave once bought. It's almost like the food that's available on flights.

Despite being able to buy our own food on board, the platinum class trains also provide snacks for passengers on board. Everyone will get a bag of snacks and I surely was surprised since the snacks they give are considered good snacks too. Not the really cheap ones which usually are free and you're not even familiar with it. Lol...

Right on time, we arrived at KTM Ipoh Station and the place looks so historic. The building looks well maintained even for an old building. So once reached Ipoh, we went for lunch at Ipoh town before taking an Uber to the Lost World of Tambun. It wasn't far and the fare was less than RM20, considered cheap and we were even sharing.

Check out my vlog on our trip there:

After our 2 days and 1-night trip, we said bye bye to Tambun and hello again KL. We took an Uber back from Lost World to KTM Ipoh, and make sure you're at the train station early because there are not a lot of Ubers around that area.

Our return tickets were bought with our earlier tickets at Bus Online Ticket as well since you could buy both ways tickets in one go. Make sure to always print out your ticket even though it's available for you to check online. Even ETS requires you to have a printed ticket before boarding the train.

For our return journey, we took the Gold class train instead. It wasn't a new train like the platinum train but still the seats and air conditioning we're fine. The Gold train stops by a few stops, so if you think that the empty seat beside your friend is empty, think again. The train will pick up new passengers every time and the stops are causing a longer train ride. We don't get snacks on Gold class trains but there is still a mini canteen available if you feel hungry. Since the journey was quite longer than our first trip, we all ended buying food to eat since we didn't eat anything heavy before boarding the train.

I was a bit unhappy with our train journey back to KL since it keeps on stopping picking up passengers and I just wanted to reach home as soon as possible. I was at my early stage of pregnancy that time so my body wasn't feeling that good and I felt exhausted sitting on the train for so long. So if you're like me and don't have much patience, just buy a Platinum Class train ticket even though it's more expensive.

Overall thank you Bus Online Ticket for sponsoring our tickets to Ipoh and back to KL. It was a great choice to travel by train, I can't imagine taking the car even after I can't even relax sitting on the train for more than 2 hours. I love how the Bus Online Ticket's website easily shows rides available on a specific date and that it's easy to be bought too. No hassle and super convenient. So if you guys need another transportation besides cars to go to other states in Malaysia or even Singapore, you know where to have a look.

Till then peeps.

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