25 July 2017

Hey peeps, here's another one of my #ThrowBackBeautyProducts posts. It has been a while and I've always wanted to share about this. The Shizens Double Auto Eyebrow was one of my favourite eyebrow products from last 5 years. It's also one of the first brow products that made me into brows. Why? Keep on reading.

This eyebrow pencil is pretty similar than what we could find in other eyebrow products. It has a twistable lead in front and a brush at the back. The lead is a bit fragile, so if you open it up too long you could say bye bye to a generous amount of product.

The brush is the reason I like it. The spoolie is my favourite despite other spoolies which somehow cause me to use it again even though I finished the product already. It's wide and thick which creates a really nice blending effect after doing the frames of your brows.
These pictures were in my draft since 2015 and now it is 2017 and I still have the brush. Just imagine how much I love the spoolie.
So below are some of my pictures that I used to create my brows with Shizens Double Auto Eyebrow

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A post shared by Mira Cikcit (@miracikcit) on

Till then peeps!

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