08 May 2018

I'm pretty sure that most of you are already familiar with the brand name Elianto. This local brand has seen to open new stores in some of our popular shopping malls throughout the country with a brand new look to it which are also introducing new lines of products for makeup to skincare almost every month now. As seen from my insta-stories, I recently went to one of their stores to try out some of the newest beauty products they are offering and was I surprised that I never knew Elianto carried so many products. I've used to love their eyeshadow sticks which were one of my carry-on makeups every day and after going to their store I kinda now have a wishlist of items I should get. Anyways, keep on reading if you're interested to know what Elianto has more to offer.

Elianto just introduced three new eye palettes in Rose, Bronze and Metalic. I managed to get a closer look at all of the new palettes and all colours were beautiful. These palettes are infused with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera, which probably explains the high pigmentation for each swatch. The packaging is compact and each palette offers the right match of colours for each look. For Bronze, the colours offered are more for a soft nude look which is the perfect palette for daily wear makeup while Rose offers colours that are more pinkish and warm. Great to create a soft rosy look to express more of the feminine side.

While for the Metallic Eye Palette it offers a combination of electric colours which caught my eyes instantly. I just knew I had to get this as it's created to suit every women's style. It's great for daytime and also a glam-ed night outlook. I've already pictured so many looks that could go with this palette. The swatches are amazingly pigmented and easy to blend but it does turn out a bit flaky if you get too much product on, adding a bit of primer before application solves the problem which also creates a more stunning look to it. I love it how this palette contains a combination of reds & bronzes as these 2 colour families are the best to create any kind of look.

Next up we have the Satin Lip Lacquer, liquid lipstick with the shine of a lacquer with the comfort of a lipstick. Get it? If you've tried lip lacquers before, they have a bit of discomfort with the stickiness, well for me though. Elianto's new Lip Lacquers are formulated to be enriched in blackcurrant and Vitamin E to keep the lips nourished and provide long-lasting hydration at all times. These lacquers also contain water-soluble pigments which creates a vivid colour impact with maximum long wear results. To get a natural look, apply a single layer to get a slight touch of colour while to get a bolder colour, just add several coats to it.

These lacquers are available in 5 shades, 01 Vanilla Pink, 02 Pastel Pink, 03 Iconic Pink, 04 Party Pink and 05 Deep Red. I personally love the Vanilla Pink and Deep Red, it looks amazing! It looks vibrant when swatched, but once applied to the lips it creates a soft colour to it. As most lip lacquers which are sticky and rather uncomfortable, these lip lacquers only have a slight stickiness feeling once applied to the lips which to my surprise was comfortable for me. It looks great with or without the addition of lipstick applied but it doesn't stay all day. It does stain a bit and will need to be reapplied.

For a brand that mostly offers makeup, hearing Elianto coming out with a skincare product might surprise the beauty lovers. I was surprised too when seeing these skin cleansers on display but it's real, Elianto's fruity cleansing foams come in three different types suitable for each skin type. Berries are for oily skin, Pomegranate for dull skin and Royal Jelly for normal skin.

Not only stopping at facial cleansers, but they also introduced new perfumes. These perfumes are scented from the fruit and floral family. The fruity and juicy grapefruit and Spanish papaya give a refreshing scent that revitalises your senses and slowly evolve into a more distinctive floral scent of Jasmine, Rose, Amber, Cedar and Musk that leave some cheerful sentiment all around you.

Product Deets:

- Bronze Eye Palette | Rose Eye Palette | Metallic Eye Palette 
RM49.90 each

- Foam Berries | Foam Pomegranate | Foam Royal Jelly 
RM29.90 (100ml) each

- New Blushed Perfume
RM59.90 (30ml)

Elianto Outlets | www.eliantomakeup.com

Till then peeps!

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