25 years ago, The Body Shop revolutionised body moisturising from a squirt to a scoop, introducing the first ever Body Butter. And now, here comes another game-changing formula one you can smooth on and it’s set to completely transform the way you moisturise. Yes, these new invention from The Body Shop will have you girls addicted to moisture as you'll no longer feel the icky feeling once it's all rubbed in and that only take a few seconds with these absorbing yogurts. Comes in five sensorial scents, there's surely a scent for you. 

Body Yogurts might be new to you as I bet most of you mostly hear about their Body Butters. What's the difference? Body Yogurts are refreshing gel-creams formulated to sink into damp skin in seconds, providing 48 hours of lightweight moisture while Body Butter have a more thicker consistency to it which requires more time to absorb.

The Body Yogurts are perfect for a morning or night routine, and is ideal for balmy summer days when you don’t want a sticky finish, or drizzly winter days when you can’t wait to get into your warm flannels. Added bonus: it gives your skin a healthy looking, year-round glow. The entire range is 100% vegan and available in Strawberry, Almond Milk, Moringa, British Rose and special edition Banana.

Each Body Yogurt contains Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid which help keeps the skin moisturized and quench dry sensetive skin. It's also infused with Vegetable Derived Glycerin to help retain moisture on the upper layer of the skin, helping in maintain smoothness and moisture. Made with the community trade almond milk and fruit extracts, these results in lightweight yogurts which are 100% vegan.

Body Yogurts are all made with Community Trade organic almond milk sourced from Spain. They provide stability for the cooperative of local, small-scale farmers who extract our almond milk, using low-intensity farming methods. They use broken nuts that aren’t sold for food and turn unwanted almond husks into compost to help minimise waste.

The Moringa, British Rose and Banana Body Yogurts are also enriched with their own Community Trade ingredients which are exciting new additions to The Body Shop’s unique Community Trade programme. The Body Shop Community Trade moringa extract comes from Rwanda, Community Trade English rose essence from Herefordshire, and Community Trade organic banana puree is from Ecuador.

My verdict on these Body Yogurts are that is does the job they promise. Definately fast absorbing which is now my go to moisturizer everyday. Bided farewell for lotions for a while as these does a quick job in getting that icky feel go away much faster. As a mum, I don't really have much time to pamper myself, so these are great!
Scentwise, I love the Almond Milk the most! It has a really light and refreshing scent to it which is really calming for me. I kinda disliked applying the special edition banana as it strongly smells like sweet banana which somehow makes me wanna eat it rather than applying it on my body. I bet you banana lovers will love this. While the British Rose has a more romantic scent to it, I still prefer the Almond Milk.
Overall, for those who has dry skin but need something fast for moisture, this is definately the product for you. Might be a little bit pricey but it's worth it! Remember, The Body Shop bans animal testing, so you'll be doing our furry fellas a favour as well. I hope The Body Shop keeps inspiring other brands to do the same though. Animals shouldn't be used for such things, it's heartbreaking.

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